Summary: The five keys of the Shemitah (Sabbatical year) were taught last Sunday.

The Final Countdown: Preparing for What’s Next

(Based up Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Mystery of the Shemitah)

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down (2 of 5)

November 9, 2014 CFBC, Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker


A The five keys of the Shemitah (Sabbatical year) were taught last Sunday.

1 These keys are:

a 7th year

b 586 BC & the Judgement sign (490 year = 70 Shemitahs)

c Prophetic Manifestation (Econ/Financial realms)

d Secret Israel

e Tishri Connection

aa Trishri (Sept/Oct)

bb Elvl 29 {Major refresh}

2 Shemitah can be understood in two lights:

a Observance vs Prophetic sign.

aa Only Israel was required to keep the Shemitah as an observance – only applies to one nation.

bb As an observance the Shemitah is every year.

cc The Shemitah as a “prophetic sign” isn’t bound to a schedule/calendar/nation... when it does manifest it will look like the Shemitah in effect. (Econ, finances, national trouble, recession, depression, etc)

b Since we are not Israel, our concern is on the prophetic sign of the Shemitah.

aa It operates/affects our economy/finances.

bb We are not dealing with the observance but the prophetic sign, we shouldn’t expect the Shemitah to occur on a regular basis. (Every 7 years) but a unique phenomenon... it’s not simple formulaic... fingerprints, yes!

B In 586 BC, the Shemitah appears as a prophetic sign against Ancient Israel; a nation in moral/spiritual apostasy from God.

1 America & Ancient Israel have a unique connection.

a Established/patterned after Ancient Israel.

b Our nations are spiritually related.

2 Shemitah is linked to national judgement and national blessing.

a If the nation is on it’s foundation - Blessing!

b If the nation has turned away from God - judgment!

T.S. Using what we know so far we’re going backstage - looking behind the curtain at the greatest economic/financial collapses of modern times - we’ll see fingerprints of the Shemitah.

I What happens when Shemitah hits wall st?

A We’re going to look at the great long-term stock market in history, through the Shemitah.

1 The crash of 2000-2001 (.com crash & 9/11)

a The first Shemitah of the new millennium fell in 2000-2001.

aa Stock market lost 37% of it’s value.

bb Busting of the .com bubble (, books-amillion)

cc 9/ll attacks

b The effects were felt for months... this collapse overlaps 100& with the Shemitah year.

2 The crash of 1916 -1917 (WWI, 40% market wiped out.)

a The Shemitah began on Sept. 16th and two months later the stock market collapsed.

b The overlap of this crash is over 80%.

3 The crash of 1973 (45% market wiped out; 60% overlapped with Shemitah)

4 The crash of 1901-1903 (46% wiped out - 100% over Shemitah)

5 The crash of 1937-1938 (The day after Shemitah began, by June 1938 4 million people unemployed - Shemitah’s prophetic sign)

6 The crash of 2007-2008 (Great recession, worst financial crisis since the great depression; within 30 days of the start of the Shemitah in 2007, the SM collapsed.)

a The Shemitah reached it’s climax in Sept 2008.

b Shemitah & the great recession took place simultaneously; overlap is 100%;

B The great depression/ (Crash of 1930 -1932)

1 In 1929, The stock market crashed. (But with in 6 months it had rebounded) By 1930 it was going back downhill.

a 1931, “The year that made the great depression great.”

aa World economy is paralyzed.

bb It would take until 1954 for the market to recover.

b Shemitah began on Sept. 19, 1931... So did the crash.

aa Overlap with Shemitah to this crash? 100%

bb Shemitah wipes out economics/finances.

2 The majority of wall streets greatest crashes sync with Shemitah.

a The two biggest (200-2008; 1931-1932) sync 100%!

b How could the ancient cycles of Shemitah be joined with modern economics?

c The majority of one day crashes are occurred during the year of Shemitah.

C At the heart of the greatest crashes/financial recessions in the last 40 years we find the 7 year cycle of the Ancient Shemitah.

1 The Shemitah for us is not an observation but a prophetic sign... The sign effects are one in the same.

a It’s hard to imagine that from the sands of Sinai, a 3,000 year old mystery is determining the modern world’s finances, rise/fall of nation’s & global economy.

b 60% of Wall Streets one day, greatest crashes occur in a tiny sliver of the first 18 days of Tishri.

aa Something more than nature is occurring.

bb When the dates of our nations worst financial/economic disasters consistently fall in a pocket of day... we probably need to pay attention.

2 We’ve lifted a measuring stick (Shemitah) against the greatest economic collapses in history.

a If there wasn’t a pattern these collapses would be evenly distributed through the year.

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