Summary: This sermon encourages the hearer to be a "one-thing" person. Can be used as a baccalaureate message.

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INTRO – If you could ask God for just one thing, what would it be?

- Might be that you would ask God for a loved one, family member or friend, to be healed of some sickness or disease;

- Might be that you would ask God for someone you know might be saved;

- Might be that you would ask God for a quick end to the war in Iraq;

- Might be that you would ask God for an answer to a difficult situation that you are in right now, for some direction for your life right now.

- Might be that you would ask God to just help you pass your final exams next week, or get into college this fall, or find a job.

David had a different idea about asking G for one thing in this passage of Scripture. His one thing had to do with the depth of intimacy in his relationship to God. David had a deep passion to know God as intimately as he could. Psalms are filled w/ evidence of this as he constantly called out and cried out to God. He wanted an intimate relationship with God more than anything else in life. That was his one thing.

What about us? Do we desire that one thing? If we were to really sing what we live, some of our hymn titles would read something like this:

- Instead of showers of blessings, “There shall be sprinkles of blessing”

- Instead of telling the story, “I love to mumble the story”

- Solid rock might be more like, “My hope is built on nothing much”

- Our knowing would be more like, “I’m fairly certain that my redeemer liveth”

- How about, “Spirit of the living God, fall somewhere near me”

- Then there’s “What an acquaintance we have in Jesus”

We know Him, but do we know Him? Is the one thing of our life to know Him deeply, intimately, passionately, purposefully? Each of us needs to purpose in our hearts today to be a “one thing person.” Augustine – “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Do you have a restlessness in your heart right now b/c you are not resting in Him, b/c you know that seeking Him is the one thing of your life right now?

Major league baseball is in full swing right now. Lots of folks following their favorite teams. Astros fans are rejoicing as they see their team sitting atop the NL Central, while Atlanta fans are wondering if it’s too late for the Braves to get things going this season. The Yankees continue to be a perennial powerhouse, and the Devil Rays absolutely stink. All of these teams have players that are focused on being one thing people. They play one position, play it well, and are paid hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars, to play that one position. There is something to being a one thing person.

Songwriter Rich Mullins wrote a song entitled, “My One Thing.” In it he said, “Save me from those things that might distract me, Please take them away and purify my heart. I don’t want to lose the eternal for the things that are passing, ‘Cause what will I have when the world is gone, If it isn’t for the love that goes on and on with My one thing. You’re my one thing, And the pure in heart shall see God.”

How we desperately need to be people who are asking for one thing – asking for a relationship to God that is deepening, maturing, and growing.

- David needed it. Rich Mullins needed it.

- I need it. You need it.

- HS graduates need this.

- Adults need this – young, middle age, senior adults.

- This church needs this!

To find out if you are a 1 thing person, ask yourself these 3 questions:


A. Lots of things that you can seek in this life:

a. A good education

b. A good job

c. A spouse

d. To make a lot of money and have a lot of toys

e. Success

f. To have a lot of friends

g. To have fun

B. None of these inherently wrong. But none of these will bring lasting joy and peace. None of them will bring true fulfillment in life. None of them will bring you eternal life.

a. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” – Mk. 8:36

C. Going to be so many people who get to the end of their lives and look back, only to discover that the things that they were seeking caused them to forfeit their soul.

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