Summary: what can we say about Caleb?

As we study the closing chapters in the Book of Joshua, we will note how the Promised Land was divided to the Tribes of Israel and the end of Joshua’s life.

But before reading Joshua 14 , look back briefly with me to Numbers 13

v1-2…. v25-33….

Numbers 14:1-10…. v30-35……….

And so, except for Joshua and Caleb, the entire generation of Israel who were freed from Egypt died in the desert; only their descendants were allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Read along with me now Joshua 14…..

We will focus on Caleb this morning but let us note some significant truths stated for us in Joshua 14

v1: Besides Joshua, God called leaders to give directions to the people.

v2: Land were assigned by lot as the Lord had commanded. What does this say about God and His instructions??

God is sometimes not specific in His instructions but allows people to be involved in decision making!

Now, how many tribes are there in Israel?? Why does v2 say 9 and a half??

The Tribe of Levi makes the 10th Tribe and we note again in v4b: Levites received no land. v4a: 11th and 12th Tribes were sons of Joseph.

Now, when I first read this passage about Caleb, he seemed arrogant and demanding. Anyone else sensed that? It’s so easy for all of us to judge people or other people judging us.

Let us note that since Joshua represented God, Caleb in a way was talking to God; Caleb was praying about his future. Caleb was planning his future and the future of his famly.

In v6: Caleb with confidence approached Joshua the leader for God and reminded him of what God said.

Like us, Caleb could have said “God, remember what you told me!”

Or, did Caleb say “Lord, I am ready for your promise.”

Now look again at the end of v10 to v11….

Was Caleb boasting?

Like us, Caleb could have said “God, look at me, I can do anything!”

Or, Caleb could have said “Thank you Lord for the life you have given me and I live for You!”

Take a selfie…

You see, like with the God given technology we have today, we can take selfies to just show off ourselves or, we can take selfies and say, “I wish you were here with me!” It really always comes down to what God thinks of what we are doing.

We can note in the beginning of v10, Caleb acknowledged God for sustaining his life; Caleb may had been doing a “selfie” but he had the right godly attitude about his life. This is a significant question for all of us Christians today isn’t it? Whatever I am doing in our technology absorbed society today, am I considering the Creator/Savior God in all things?

In v12, we note Caleb’s prayer request.

In the first part of v12, Caleb is saying “Give me, give me, give me!” A lot of times, our prayer requests sounds like that doesn’t it? But if we look at the second part of v12, what was the actual prayer request of Caleb??

Caleb prayed to do God’s wil!

Was Caleb arrogant and demanding?

First of all, God through Joshua blessed Caleb and was given what he desired (v13).

And look again at v8 and v9; what was said twice by Caleb??

And what do we note in v14??

Caleb followed God wholeheartedly!

And so,

1. Caleb was confident with God’s promises for him!

2. Caleb was thankful to God for sustaining his life and devoted his life wholeheartedly to God!

3. Caleb prayed to do God’s will!

Application for our lives today is clear, isn’t it? Follow the example of Caleb! Take a moment to quietly pray and think about theses 3 things…..

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