Summary: Dealing with negative dreams


“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way” Matthew 13:25

I have taught on the subject of dreams and their consequences many times but I felt strongly in my spirit that we should look at it again today, and more importantly, to pray with it.

Most of the problems people battle with today is what the devil planted into their lives while they were asleep; in their dream. It may look imaginary while in the dream, but the reality soon dawns on people as they see their dreams come to pass in real life. Really many of the things that we battle now are things the enemy planted years ago and went away. Every dream is like a seed sown, after a while it germinates and produces fruits. Except by divine intervention, every man becomes his dream. Dreams are means of communication and as you are dreaming you are a product of your dream, the more reason one should not ignore his dreams.

Dreams can also reveal the past or the future. It can reveal the plans of the enemy as well as the plan of God for one’s life. I pray for you today that god will reveal the plans of your enemies to you in Jesus name. Much more importantly, may god reveal his plan for your life to you in Jesus name. Never joke with any dream in which you see yourself living a life contrary to that you desire. For instance, seeing yourself naked or begging in the dream is a bad omen. Some dream seeing themselves getting married to strange faces. What about those that keep company with the dead in their dream? Some people have fellowship with strange creatures and animals in their dream; some even talk with these creatures as though they are humans! These are destructive dreams that must be cancelled.

Many people have had dreams in which someone attacked them and by the time they woke up, part of the hair on their head is gone. Many would wake up from their dream sick even though they slept healthy. Manipulations of the power of darkness through dreams! Some women have had miscarriages simply because of a particular dream they always have. A woman came for prayer once who has had several miscarriages after a recurrent dream. In that dream, a snakelike creature crawls into her stomach through her private part and comes out with its mouth dripping blood. Shortly after the dream, her pregnancy comes down. While we were praying God revealed that a covenant was established by her father, using her womb as a token. What then happened was anytime she became pregnant, the evil spirit saw the foetus as a sacrifice and so sucks out the baby. Thank God we prayed and today she has 2 children already. Every destructive dream you have had is hereby nullified in Jesus name.

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