Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Getting believers to understand that through faith they can receive practically anything they need from God.


HEB. 11 – The great Faith Chapter

Tremendous importance placed on faith

 Elders obtained by faith,

 By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice,

 It’s impossible to please God without faith, etc.

Looking at the closing verses of Chapter 10, one can see that;

 Faith goes beyond being just a Bible subject.

 It is the lifestyle of the believer – Rom. 1:17; Hab. 2:4; Heb. 11:6; Gal.2:20; Eph. 2:8; 1 Jn. 5:4.

Consider Jesus’ Ministry – Lk. 4:18-21; Lk. 5:15-17; Matt. 4:23.

He functioned as a teacher and preacher before healer –

Why?  Rom. 10:17 – Faith comes by hearing.

Consider His ministry in His hometown – Mk. 6

Unbelief robbed them from receiving – Heb. 4:1-2; Heb. 10:38 - end

Doubt /unbelief means

* Being without a way – 1 Cor. 10:13.

* Having no resources – Phil. 4:19; Ps. 23.

* To be embarrassed – Heb. 1; Heb. 11:13.

Two (2) scriptures of importance – Jn. 1:12; Acts 14:7-9.

Relate this to Lk. 5:15

 According to these scriptures to be saved, healed or to receive anything from God one needs faith.

 People actually came to Jesus to hear him and (then) to be healed – Lk. 5:15; 6:17-18.

 In essence, faith carries tremendous authority.

It (Faith) gives us the right/liberty/ authority to receive from God.

Consider also the accounts of the Roman Centurion, Canaanite woman and blind Bartimaeus.


 God literally verbalizes His respect for your will because it carries equal authority with that of heaven – 1 Jn. 5:14-15; Is. 55:8-11; Mk. 11:22-24.

 Heaven’s will is revealed in God’s word, it is never contrary to the word.

Faith and the Word are inseparable – Heb. 4:1-2; Rom. 1:16-17; 10:8, 17.

 Faith is a product of the Word of God and can also be described as a deliberate action response to God’s Word.

 The Roman centurion understood this, When he told Jesus speak the Word only, He (Jesus) described this as great faith – Matt. 8.

 Since Faith comes by hearing the God’s Word a man in faith is definitely a man standing on the word.

Faith also releases the authority of the name of Jesus – Acts 3; Acts 4:7-12.

 Faith in the name healed the crippled man at the gate called beautiful.

 In essence, faith hooks you up to the very rule or authority of God so you cannot be stopped.

It is the authority to operate as the son of God – Rom. 8:14-16; Is. 14:10-12.

 The sons of God are people who are led by the Holy Spirit.

 It is the authority to walk in the vast experience & wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

 He (The Holy Spirit) will do everything to help and minister to you once you are in faith – Heb. 13:15; Mk. 10:46ff; Mk. 5:25-34.

You are completely unstoppable once you are in faith.

If you have “faith to be” no one can stop you from “being” – Jn.1:12; Acts.14:7ff.


That is the kind of Authority that Faith carries.

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