Summary: When Jesus enters the ministry, we see the authority and power of His words. We knows that when He calls, He enables. And when He says it, we can count on it happening.

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Mark 1:14-28 The Authority and Power of His Voice

Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade:

It’s the story of Indiana Jones and his father’s quest for the Holy Grail, the legendary chalice that Jesus used in his Last Supper with his disciples.

In one of the final scenes, the ancient temple they’ve found the chalice in is collapsing and people are running for their lives as the walls are falling and the ground opens. The grail falls into a deep crevice created by the earthquake, and Indiana Jones is hanging in the crevice by one hand, reaching with the other hand to grab the grail. He can almost reach it, as he becomes entranced by allure of the grail. All around him rocks are falling, the ground is shaking, the temple is collapsing, but he’s fixated on the grail.

Finally a voice breaks through the spell, the voice of his father, who says, "Indiana, let it go." Indiana climbs out of the crevice, and together he and his father escape just as the temple completely collapses.

The power of a voice – that break the spell of temptation.

We experience that in life – the power of a voice to bring us back to reality.

• It may be the voice of your parents – spoken in a certain tone. Or your teacher, coach, pastor…

• Or perhaps the voice of our spouse or a friend you respect.

Mark introduces Jesus in Chapter 1 as the One who comes with authority

• He proclaims the good news of God

• He calls the fishermen to follow Him - with a voice of authority

• He preached in the synagogue in Capernaum - "taught as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law." (v.22)

• He cast the evil spirit from the demon-possessed man - "What is this? A new teaching and with authority!"(v.27)

• He healed many who are sick and drove out many demons - He has authority over diseases

He has authority over all things…

It makes me wonder – what about my life? When He enters my life, isn’t He my LORD?

Does He have authority over your life today? Is He the Lord of your life?

HAVE WE experienced His authority over our lives???

When He speaks, He speaks with such an authority and influence. People felt it. They responded to His Words in very different ways. And even demons have to submit to Him.

Have you been hearing His voice? Don’t you think we should pay more attention to what He has to say?

Jesus’ voice has the ability to break through our lives. We see that here in this chapter.

There is an authority in His words, His commands, and His invitation to you... it pays to LISTEN to Him.

A SS teacher was having a hard time with a naughty student Brandon. He looked him in the eye and asked a question, which he felt, would surely bring him in line: “Brandon, who is in charge here?”

That kid replied, “Jesus is.”

That’s the sense here is Jesus’ proclamation – The time has come. The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!

The scribes can only speak from authority but that Jesus spoke with authority.

• It originates from Him.

• In fact, He is announcing His authority – He has finally come, to extend His Lordship in the lives of every person.

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