Summary: Destiny is precious,it is the reason for living: without fulfilling it you are a failure,without fulfilling it, you are here in vain.

Destiny is precious; it is the reason for living. Lk. 24:44.

Without fulfilling it you are a failure. Without fulfilling it, you are a here in vain.

Many people are potential stars in the scripture but they died unfulfilled or partially fulfilled.


Disobedience (The young prophet of IKings 13)

Eden is to be a garden of life but Adam was deceived and he lost his eternal heritage. Adam’s destiny was derailed because of sin, because he ate what he shouldn’t eat.


Gehazi ran after Naaman and Naaman leprosy cleaved unto him. He sought to deceive the man of God, he got his destiny destroyed on the platform of materials.

Many ladies are lost today because of temporal things.

Gehazi could have gotten a fantastic ministry but he died on the way.

Anger and Wrong Words (Psalm 106:32-33, Num. 20:7-12)

Anger is destructive, Moses destiny was short-circuited despite his services.


Samson a great man of God, powerful and spirit-filled but his problem was women.(Jud. 16:1,4)If you are neck deep in lust you may soon get lost.

Unequal Yoke

Getting married to a wrong partner or entering into a business with a wrong partner or having a wrong friend can cause someone accident in destiny. (2 Chr. 18:28-33, 20:35-37)

Walking Outside Divine Will.

Satanic Affliction – Lk. 22:1-6

Giving place to the devil may result to accident.

How Do You Avoid Accidents?


Watch your heart against anger, pride or hypocrisy.

Watch your relationship. As a brother, when you are more convenient among sisters you are going to error. Watch the kind of woman you want to marry. Job’s destiny would have been short-circuited because of her wife who advised her to curse God and die! (Job 2:9)

Joseph wouldn’t have gotten to the throne if not because he knew how to run.

Gens. 39:11-13. At the junction of accident he ran. Beloved you may need to run from some company, and save your self. May you receive grace to run.

Your destiny is precious, its important. Don’t destroy yourself

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