Summary: There are too many Christians that do not understand they have Christ living on the inside of them and He needs to be awakened.

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Scripture: Mark 4:35 – 41

Title: “Awakening Christ”

Introduction: The disciples had enjoyed a GREAT DAY with Jesus. They had listened to Jesus teach and share stories concerning the POWER of FAITH and the PRINCIPLES of the KINGDOM of God. As the day was coming to an END Jesus said, “Let’s go over to the other side of the Sea of Galilee.”

Jesus was the ONE who suggested the “Boat Trip.”

Life is the same as with this incident. Life is a “Journey” with a STARTING POINT & a FINISHING POINT with a whole lot of things in between. Including “Storms” that we don’t understand. (“Don’t leave home without Him!”)

Have you ever FELT like God was asleep? – Have you ever felt like you were in a STORM?

Why does God allow us to experience “Storms” during our life?

This particular time Jesus was in the boat when the storm hit. – Everything had started out fine. – Jesus was even going with them on this trip. – But then the STORM hit.


a. It’s not always an EASY TRIP when you are following Jesus.

b. Jesus was very CLOSE to His disciple and had SPENT the day together WALKING & TALKING with them.

c. Jesus had personally “Hand – Picked” these disciples Himself. (These men had not slipped in without Jesus’ knowing it)

d. Always REMEMBER, following Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be “Smooth Sailing.”

e. Some of the MOST DIFFICULT times of my life have come since I’ve been a Christian.


a. It was a “Great Storm” that the disciples encountered.

b. It seems like the GREATEST STORMS that we encounter comes when we are the CLOSEST to Christ. – When we’ve been having a “Good Time” with Jesus.

c. These disciples were used to the WIND, but this WIND was more POWERFUL than in times before.

d. Sometimes God DELIVERS us a “Storm” great enough to cause us to CHANGE.

e. The WIND was a ‘Good Thing’ but this STORM was too MUCH of a Good Thing.

f. Never forget, STORMS are going to come into ‘EVERONE’S’ life at some POINT & and at some DEGREE. (Story of Jackie & I fishing and a storm came us suddenly)


a. Jesus was ON BOARD with the disciples, but He was ASLEEP.

b. How could this be?

c. Jesus had to KNOW the STORM was coming BEFORE they STARTED OUT.

d. What do YOU SEE here in the INCIDENT? – Why do think Jesus was asleep?

e. Jesus was living in a ‘NATURAL’ body – He was TIRED. – He KNEW He was ‘PREPARED’ for WHATEVER came His way.

f. Jesus had TAUGHT these disciples all day and now comes the time to PUT it into PRACTICE.

g. Jesus knew that KNOWLEDGE comes with a CHALLENGE.

h. Jesus knew these disciples had a lesson to LEARN that they could not learn SITTING on the SHORELINE.


a. Jesus never does anything WITHOUT having a REASON.

b. Jesus never ALLOWS us to go through a STORM without there being a NEED for it to come into our LIVES.

c. Jesus couldn’t do them ANY GOOD until the AWAKENED Him. – He’s NO GOOD to us laying there asleep. – Jesus was DORMANT until AWAKENED.

d. They AWOKE Him. – It was a ‘Group Effort’ – All the disciples saw the DANGER.

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