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Summary: God dealing the the people at the tower of babble is how much that God hates pride and disobedience.

Babblers of faith

Genesis chapter 11:1-11:13


Turn with me to Genesis chapter 11:1-13

This morning we will look at man’s attempt to hide from God, be like God, take God off his rightful throne, sin, and the consequences of those actions.

If we had the time, the first ten chapters of Genesis set the stage for a creative God and

We see God create man out of nothing and give him life in His world.

We see a God that created companionship not only with Him but created a helpmate for His people.

We see in chapter 3 the fall of mankind. Perfect world, in a perfect relationship.

“You are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will surely die.”

(Not physically, but spiritually)

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree. When they did, they had their eyes opened all right-evil came in, pride came in, disobedience began, and they hid from God.

God goes looking for them- I believe literally that this is more than a story. They actually before the fall could walk with God in the garden.

(Adam) “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked.”

(God) “Who told you that you were naked, have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

The women made me eat

The serpent deceived me and I ate

The relationship with God is severed but not broken because God does not give up on us.

We see wickedness at its worst.

To the point that God wanted to destroy the earth and start over.

God finds and sees Noah and his family and has favor with them. Noah and his family spend years building an ark to God’s specifications and invited others to get in.

I believe he hired people to help build the very ark that they refused to get in.

No one got in except Noah and his family into the ark of safety. Clearly the fore coming picture of our Lord Jesus and the ark of safety He provided on the cross for our salvation should we choose to get in.

People chose not to get in- animals in, Noah’s family in, the ark is closed (one day salvation will be closed) and God starts over.

God extending long life to the sons of Noah living more than 900 years. To replenish the earth.

Man has never had trouble replenishing the earth.

Reproducing is not a problem, we are good at that.

We have trouble obeying God.

Brings us to our Bible text this morning.

The sons of Noah had sons, who had sons, who had sons, and a large amount of people settled in what was called Babylon, today would be Iraq.

Saddam Hussein thought he was a reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar and had his name etched in the ancient stones.

He believed that he would be brought back to rule the Nation.

Shinar- southern Iraq

Ur- Northern Iraq (Abraham)

Some believe that the Garden of Eden was in the Middle East , what is now Turkey.

I do not think that they have proofed that.

We can agree that the Middle East has great heritage and great historical value.

Our text about the tower of Babble is indeed in Babylon, which is now where Iraq is in the state of Mesopotamia.

Genesis chapter 11:1-11:13

As the descendants of Noah populated the earth, they moved outward to find resources as God intended.

As different sects of people migrated, they had cultural differences.

In one great city, they thought they could put their differences aside, build a great tower together that would show their greatness.

In God’s Word; they are always talking about unity, working together, being one people-

Why would God look down and visit this great city, and scatter the people?

They were innovated people, using bricks instead of stones, tar instead of mortar.

The tower will reach the sky.

God confused their language because that is what babble means- confused language. Phrase people were just babbling, making no sense to the listener.

There purpose was not God’s purpose

Their desire was to build a great city. God wanted them to populate and walk with God.

They allowed pride and disobedience into their lives.

They obviously had already forgotten the flood and had allowed these things back into their lives.

Left unchecked, they would have continued with idolatry.

So God stepped in and stopped the building and confused their language.

Correction and discipline is God’s way to teach us and show us His love.

We see here that motives matter to God! They were unified, they were in one accord but their motives were not right.

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