Summary: God has provided an escape for all those who might face this time (through JESUS only). Our challenge is this: "How can we profess allegiance to Him and not share Who it is we serve?" People need Jesus today ... more than ever!

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Babylon’s Doom

Revelation Part 29, Revelation 18:1-24


- Previously we had seen the destruction of the woman

-- She convinced the world to be a part of her sin

- We’ve also watched humanity be stricken with horrible diseases and plagues

- The religious system of the beast has been revealed

-- Those upon the Earth, even knowing this, continue to blaspheme God

-- The result is the hardening of their hearts against the Gospel (good news)

- Tonight we will reveal all of Chapter 18

-- Attempt to set ourselves up for the coming battle of our Lord and Savior

- IMP: Chapter 18 refers to the economic structure of the anti-Christ’s world

-- This will be his primary seat of power and authority

- Read Revelation 18:1-24

- Pray

Point 1 - History of Babylon

- Babylon was created after Noah’s flood when mankind was one

-- Mankind left the mountains of Ararat and moved west

-- They also settled east to the plains of Shinar

-- Shinar has been located to current day southern Iraq

- Alexander the Great died in the city of Babylon in 323 BC

-- While he was in the process of reconstructing the city to its former glory

-- Babylon as a city is only a shadow of its former glory

- The Bible says Babylon will be rebuilt and become the greatest of all cities

-- APP: At least in the second half of the tribulation it will become the seat of power for Satan as he operates through the Antichrist

- We do know that Babylon will be rebuilt (biblical prophecy)

-- We just do not know the exact location or where it will reside

-- What is Biblical is Satan will set up his earthly rule here

- IMP: The location he chooses will be for one purpose:

-- To inflame God and snub his nose at God’s creation

-- Therefore, choosing an area around Israel (or the Middle East) is logical

-- APP: Satan’s mission is to hurt God; he desires nothing else

- TRANS: So what does God say about this kind of living?

Point 2 – Don’t take part in the sin!

- (v4) urging for the people to not take part of the sin

-- It is God calling out to the faithful so they can escape

- God’s mercy continues even to the end: 2 Peter 3:9 promise: none should perish

- (v6-8) this is the reason for God’s judgment: PRIDE!

-- Babylon’s love of self and money will be answered with death

-- Why? Because they will not repent and seek the Lord!

- (v8) city will be burned as her punishment (think: Sodom and Gomorrah)

-- The judgment of Babylon will be the signal to this world that the end is coming

-- This also signifies that Christ will soon descend on this world

-- APP: Preparation leads to Obedience because the Bridegroom returns!!

- This is the blessed hope that we crave!

-- This army that rides behind the Lord will forever reign with Him!!

- Notice the verbiage for verses 11-19

-- Displays the sadness of those who made a living off of Babylon

-- It shows how those who live for themselves are now answering for it

- This living will be destroyed in one swift motion by the destruction of the city

-- Babylon will be the capital of the global economy during the Tribulation

-- APP: It is because of this control in government that the anti-Christ is able to affect global control over the world.

- If you watch the news lately (even as much as this week), you can see corporations jockeying for position in the world.

-- Everyone wants control; everyone wants to be on top of the world

-- It’s the pride of man in FULL FORCE: showing everyone how awesome we are

- Today, we live in a world of “Go ahead and do it your way …”

-- In this end time scheme there will be little choice for the citizen of this Earth

-- Either work and serve a tyrant who demands obedience, or die

-- LAST WEEK: Satan does not care about you: usefulness done = discarded

- TRANS: However, even with the destruction on this world, there is still rejoicing in Heaven by those who trusted in Christ.

Point 3 – Rejoicing in Heaven

- Re-read v20-24

- Since Babylon is the capital and the location of the anti-Christ’s Kingdom:

-- This city will be a sign to the world of global prosperity

-- Those who do not serve will not benefit from this city’s wealth

- From the balconies of Heaven there is rejoicing when this city is destroyed!

- This verse shows that Heaven can see what is happening on this Earth

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