Today's passage deals with the first of seven churches, Ephesus. Our belief is that there were probably more than seven at this time, but God chose these churches to prove the conditions of Churches and Christians in the last days. Ephesus is commended for Her (1) Labor, (2) Patience, (3) Stand against sin, (4) false teaching, (5) Steadfastness. Each naturally can apply to the Church as a whole, but we can also apply it to each individual whom is saved. In the world of sports (whether you like it or not is not the point, (Ladies) but that perfect identification can be applied concerning the church and individuals. In every sport known today there are some basic fundamentals, or things you learn to do first, in baseball for instance; you would want to improve you're catching and throwing, and your hitting. Even those who make thousands of dollars each day playing the game have to stay with the fundamentals if they want to remain productive in there respective positions. In football it is basically blocking and tackling, in golf it is particulars in club use, and in every sport there are basic fundamentals. So is it in the Church and Christian living there are some basic things we began with and are productive for the Lord God. But we lose sight of the fundamentals that have made us a good solider for the Lord God. It is then and there we must go back to the "Basics", to the things that make each and everyone of us effective for the Lord. In our message today we would like to give you some of the basic's in being what God would have everyone of his children to be.

1. ZEALOUSNESS - enthusiastic devotion (Titus 2:14) " Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works."

2. SERIOUSNESS - grave in quality or manner.

3. EARNESTNESS - with a purposeful or serious intent, determined

4. TENDERNESS - considerate and protective

5. DUTIFULNESS - willing to do whatever is required.

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