Summary: When we look back to the resurrection of Christ we are free to live life in a radical new way - life doesn’t end at the grave.

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In the trilogy of Back to the Future movies, Michael J Fox takes a wild adventure into the past through the use of a souped up Delorean that is turned into a time machine. In the first adventure, he travels back to the year of his parents’ high school prom. He realizes that making any changes in the past could radically alter the present he already knows as well as the future. This comes to bear when his mother – who is just a teen at the time falls in love with a strange drifter who just comes along – Michael. This threatens to prevent Michael’s parents from marrying and thus from having Michael. In the end, Michael gets his parents together but his father has a new self image – something that had not happened in the original past. When Michael returns to the present he has a life he could have only dreamed of before. The bully who always put his father down was now doing chores for the family and acting very subservient. Michael’s father was a successful science fiction writer, and Michael had the four by four truck of his dreams. Although there is no such thing as a time machine, you can look back into time and transform your present and future life. Let’s travel back in time to about 30 a.d. on a Sunday morning in early Spring. Jesus, a great and powerful leader and teacher, who many had hoped would be the Messiah or Savior of the Jewish people, had just been crucified until he was dead. His body was wrapped tightly in burial cloths and he was sealed in a tomb with a giant stone. Because of the fear that the disciples might try to steal the body, Roman guards were posted at the entrance of the tomb. Death, the final and ultimate end had come. Jesus would be no Messiah. The hopes and dreams of many were dashed.

I. When death is no longer the ultimate finale to life you will think, act, and say things that are unbelievable (Luke 24:11)

A. The women at the tomb were speaking nonsense to those who were stuck in the pattern of the world.

1. Their perception of death had changed.

2. The spoke about Jesus as if he was alive (he actually was/is)

3. Such behavior would seem absurd to “normal” people.

B. We are conditioned by our own history to become creatures of habit and slaves to impulse.

1. Addictions are destructive patterns in life that we are unable to change.

2. We horde our time, talents, and gifts as if they will disappear at death.

a. We are miserly with out wealth because we think it is limited.

b. We obsess over time and schedules because we do not think eternally i.e. time stops at the grave.

c. We are caution with our conversation – unwilling to offend others with the unbelievable message of eternal life in Christ for fear they might think us as crazy as the disciples thought the women returning from the tomb were crazy.

3. Remember that God chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

C. Jesus’ resurrection compels us to lead life on the edge.

1. When we are witnesses to the risen Lord we can dare to live life as if it will never end.

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