Summary: When we speak in terms of maturation, we’re not speaking in the sense of the woman’s transformation, but woman’s ability to take that which is given to her and cause it to grow, mature and become what God purposed it to become.

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Text: Gen.3:20

Introduction: “Built God-Tough”

When we speak in terms of maturation, we’re not speaking in the sense of the woman’s transformation, but woman’s ability to take that which is given to her and cause it to grow, mature and become what God purposed it to become. It has been said that the pressure exerted on a woman’s body during child delivery would kill a man. Apparently, the pressure is so heavy that a male’s body couldn’t physically hold up under it. The woman was designed to conceive & carry a baby to term, and bring forth this new life into the world.

Someone this tough deserves a name that depicts what they’re capable of accomplishing. The bible declares that “Adam named his wife Eve…”. Eve-gk./”Chavvah”=Life-giver. It is significant to note that God did not put the man & woman out of the garden until after Eve was named. Even after the man had messed up and fell from God’s grace, God still gave him the opportunity to speak life into his own dead situation. It’s never too late for God to perform a miracle right in the middle of your mistake. Women, God put himself down within you. You are more than conquerors, you are Queens in the Kingdom, You’re a BAD MAMA-JAMA!!!

“A Woman who GIVES LIFE is …”

I. A PROTECTIVE WOMAN (Exodus 2:1-4)

a. The Plan—According to ch.1:15-16 there was a decree by the Pharoh to destroy every male child that was to be born. The midwives (women) had the tremendous responsibility of choosing life or death for these baby boys. Why kill the males? No males, no seed. Pharoh is not dead, he just lives in finer homes & drives bigger more efficient vehicles. Satan is always plotting something against the men of God, because he’s jealous that God crowned man a little lower than the angels. If Satan had a plan for the men of those days, he has one for the men of this day. But God’s got some women in place!!!

b. The Problem (vs.17)—The enemy always attacks you during your most vulnerable state (elab…Tired/Elijah; Hungry/Jesus; Labor/Hebrew Women). What the devil doesn’t realize is that it is at our weakest & most vulnerable moments when God covers us the most “…for when I am weak, thou art strong”. It’s going to take some strong women to be bold enough to stand up to Pharoh & deliver our young men from the curse of generational genocide.

c. The Protection (vs.19-21)—When questioned the midwives pointed out the difference between the Hebrews & the Egyptians. When you’re a Bad Mama-Jama, you become hard to kill, you learn, you adapt, you overcome!!!

“A Woman who GIVES LIFE is …”

II. A SUPPORTIVE WOMAN (Prov.31:10-12)

a. She Is Priceless (vs.10)—Solomon begins with a question that deserves some research. “Who can find…”. This gives implication that the woman of virtue (power/ strength) is supposed to sought after. If you’re a Bad Mama-Jama and you know it, you don’t have any business looking for him. If your price is far above rubies, don’t sell yourself cheap for a manicure, a pedicure and a cell phone!! It’s hard to give support when all you are is a dependant!!

b. She Is Pure (vs.11)—The writer shares a very important attribute that is necessary in a true woman of God. HONESTY!!! One of the quickest ways to show your significant other that you’re not in support of his vision is to be deceptive. There’s nothing worse than a deceptive woman. Due to their keener sense of discernment, most men are at a disadvantage. Whenever anyone is taken advantage of, instead of getting support, they get sabotaged. Don’t sabotage your own success!!

c. She Is Persistent (vs.12)—A real woman of God shares the characteristics of the Father. God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting. His mercy endures forever. He never sleeps nor slumbers. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Scripture declares that A Bad Mama-Jama wont quit, give-up, give-in or give-out. She’ll be there in good & bad times. Happy/Sad; Up/Down. SHE’S BAD!!!

“A Woman who GIVES LIFE is …”


a. Her Faith is Contagious—Paul begins to encourage his son Pastor Timothy by bringing back to his remembrance who it was that nurtured him, and instructed him in the word of God. Notice that Paul mentions nothing of their instruction, but first deals with the faith that they imparted. Faith is taught to a child through how they see you go through what you go through. Those women were instructing without opening one book. They were writing upon Timothy’s heart the experience of what God can do!

b. Her Foundation Is Complete (3:14)—Most women have a certain tenacity about themselves when it comes to being right! They go out of the way to ensure that what they are saying, doing, hearing or where they are going is right. Women do research, they check & double check, because they want to be right. Paul was in essence telling Timothy, “If you learned it from you Grandmama or your Mama, 9 times out of 10…it’s right”!!

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