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A) As I said last week, Balaam is one of those strange, mysterious

characters in the Bible.

* The Bible tells us in 2 Pet. 2:16 that Balaam was a prophet.

* But it becomes very obvious that he was not a true prophet – He was

a false prophet ... He was a phony.

* He serves as a warning to the people of God.

B) Keep in mind that the children of Israel were on their way

to the Promised Land.

* The old generation is dying out ... The new generation is getting ready

to enter into the land.

* As they move, they are conquering their enemies – chapter 21.

C) Now in chapter 22, they’re going to encounter a different kind of enemy.

* They’re going to find an enemy of the mountain, and they’re not even aware

that that enemy is there.

* In fact, there’s no evidence that they really know what’s going on

behind the scenes here.

D) I want us to look first of all in chapter 22 .......

* And I want to talk to you about .......


A) Num. 22, lets us know that the children of Israel are on the way.

* And Balak, who is the king of Moab, hears about them.

* In v.2-3, he has seen what they have done to the Amorites.

B) The Bible says that he was frightened of them ... He was scared

of them, in which he didn’t have to be.

* Because we are told in Deut. 2 that the Lord commanded the children

of Israel to pass on by them.

* There wasn’t going to be any confrontation – But he is frightened.

C) He decides that he’s gonna have to call upon supernatural powers.

* He has heard about a man named Balaam and he has some reputation.

* Balak sends some officials there, some delegations, and the message to

Balaam is, “Come and curse these people for me.”

D) Balaam’s reputation has preceded him because we are told in v.6b .......

* That Balak the king had heard that whoever Balaam cursed was cursed

and whoever he blessed was blessed.

E) So he had a reputation ... He sends for him ... He wants him to

curse the children of Israel.

* May I remind you that the Bible says in 2 Pet. 2:15 says that Balaam

loved the reward of unrighteousness.

F) He was interested in money ... He was in this thing for money.

* They come over to him and they basically say, “We want you to come back

with us and we want you to curse the children of Israel for us.”

* So he said, “You spend the night, and I’m going to go see what the Lord says.”

G) In v.9 and following, Balaam talks to the Lord about it.

* The answer comes back crystal clear – God says to Balaam in v.12 “Thou shalt

not go with them: thou shalt not curse the people; for they are blessed.”


A) He comes back the next morning in v.13 and says that the Lord

says I can’t go ... So they go back and tell the king that.

* The king sends back to Balaam more delegations, and basically tells him

to name his price and he’ll give it to him – So Balaam does – v.18 .......

B) Then in v.19, he says, “I will go and pray again.”

* Now look at what God told Balaam in v.20 .......

* God says, “Go ahead.” – Sometimes God will let us do our own foolish

things to teach us a lesson.

* So Balaam goes – v.21 ....... But watch v.22 .......

C) When the donkey sees the angel with sword drawn, v.23, she turns

aside and takes off into the field.

* Balaam gets mad at his donkey and beats her.

D) Then the angel appears again in v.24-25 in the path, and the donkey

sees the angel again.

* She runs over against a wall and crushes Balaam’s foot.

* In v.26, the angel stands there and there is nowhere for the donkey to go.

E) She can’t go to the left or to the right, so she just falls down.

* Balaam is pitching a fit – v.27 .......

* Now here’s the funny part – v.28 ....... Then v.29a .......

* v.29b “You’ve made a mockery of me – If I had a sword, I’d kill you.”

F) The donkey basically says in v.30, “Have I ever done you wrong?”

* They are talking to one another – Now look at v.31 .......

G) v.33 “Three times the donkey saw me and shied away; otherwise,

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