Summary: 4 of 4 messages on becoming Mighty Men of God. This message focuses on the importance of standing with one another.

Mighty Men of God

Band of Brothers

Two Lies Many Men Believe


The first statement is one made by the man who is in denial and is dishonest in his assessment of himself. This statement is born out of the desire and need to be in control.

Face it; most of us want to believe that we are competent and capable. Ultimately we’d like to believe that we are in control! None of us really are in control but we sure would like to believe it.

This statement is a red flag challenging all comers. It says I can take on anyone, any challenge, any time. I don’t need help. I am in control.


The second statement comes from the man who has learned that he is out of control.

The first lie is a red flag challenging the world. The second lie is the white flag of surrender. It is what a man says who has given up and let go of control – not in surrender to God but in surrender to the desires of his heart.

Jeremiah 17:9 says, “More than anything else, a person’s mind is evil and cannot be healed. Who can understand it?

Here is the truth… I NEED HELP. I cannot do it by myself and it’s not acceptable to say give up and say “It’s just he way I am.”

Max Lucado says, “God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way.”

Today I’d like to speak again to the men about how we can help one another to become Godly Men – “Mighty Men of God” here at Meridian Christian Church.

Let’s talk about how we need to become a Band of Brothers then let’s talk about how to make that happen. This may seem a bit foolish to you ladies here today but guys have to learn that they need each other – it’s the way God made us! Let’s look at what the scripture says about the need for one another…

Without Accountability You are Vulnerable

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12

It’s really very simple – without accountability, you are an easy mark for failure spiritually, morally, ethically, and sexually.

Last week I asked you to respond to these areas and to tell me how you were doing. In the area of personal purity here is what you men said about yourselves last Sunday.

Personal Purity

Spiritually Pure

Good person - ok with God 30%

Committed follower of Jesus 68%

On Spiritual purity 70% of the guys have fully committed to Jesus as Lord and Savior – 30% are doing their best to be good people and trying to be ok with God.

Fellows, do you remember the first lie we talked about this morning? “I can do it my self.” If you are part of the group of men who have not yet committed yourself to Jesus as one of his followers you are buying into that first lie.

Jesus is the older brother that wants to stand with you in this life against all the pressures, enemies, and problems.

Listen fella’s - You can’t make it alone and you don’t need to try!

Personal Purity

Morally Pure

Morality is relative 6%

Right and Wrong 90%

Here the results are lot stronger. Remember the second lie. “It’s just the way I am” is a way of saying, “It’s all relative.” It all depends on the circumstances, the situation, or the people involved.

There is a truth. It is real and solid but it may not be what you think. God’s old law (the Ten Commandments and the rest of the law) is good but no one has ever measured up to it perfectly. The law serves best to expose our frailty and to expose our weaknesses. We have all fallen short of the law’s requirements.

But here is the good news, we have a new law that is like the old law but is different and better. The new law is Jesus Christ. HE is the law. HE is the example. HE is the way, the truth and the life.

Let me explain it this way. When I was a young preacher man I believed that morality was a simple thing. Everything was very crisp and easily defined. Right and wrong was very black and white. Truth was easily discovered and understood.

The older I have gotten the more gray areas I’ve discovered in life. Things aren’t nearly as crisply defined as I once thought.

Now does this mean that all truth is relative and that it depends on the circumstances? No, not at all – truth is not to be understood in regulations, traditions, circumstances, or situations. Jesus is the truth. HE is the embodiment of all that is right and righteous.

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