Summary: In this message I brought all the children up close to the baptistery and allowed them to witness a baptism. Very effective.

This morning I want to invite all of the children 6th grade and younger to come and stand right up here. Because I want to talk to you today about baptism. Most of you have seen someone get baptized before but you probably haven’t seen it this close up.

And I think the best way for me to illustrate what baptism is all about is for you to actually see it.

Sometimes when I am explaining baptism to children and also to adults I open my wallet and I pull out a picture. I say this is ______________ (one of my kids......Ross) Now it’s not really Ross is it? It’s a picture of Ross. Ross lives in another state.

Well, sometimes when people are being baptized they think that baptism is how you are saved. But it’s not. Baptism is a picture of your salvation. It tells us some things about salvation. It is a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We can only be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Buried with him in baptism. Raised to walk in newness of life.


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