Summary: Water baptism is a public proclamation of one’s belief in Jesus Christ who died, was buried, and rose from the dead personally for them.

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It’s a beautiful sunny day right here at the shores of Lake Michigan! This is the day and the place that the Lord has made for you and me! Praise God?? Rejoice!!

Today is a good day to do a baptism!

But why is it that there are so many differing thoughts about baptism? Some baptize infants; some require baptism for church membership; some sprinkle, some pour, some dunk!

What is going on? Shouldn’t we all be doing baptisms based on the same Bible? Is the Bible the problem?? The Bible is God’s Word! How can the Bible be a problem? The problem is people misunderstanding and misinterpreting the Bible, isn’t it?

There are two major things we need to note about baptism. First, we need to note the importance of baptism in relation to salvation of our souls. Look at the front of the bulletin. Our Scripture of the Week states from 1 Corinthians 1:17….

The Gospel, which is the Good News of Jesus Christ, is more important than baptism! This is because the Gospel is not just any news, it is the Good News from God to everyone! What is this good news from God? Look with me at Romans 5:20-21……..

The good news is God gives and keeps on giving grace! What is grace? Grace is undeserved favor! The good news is God gives us what we don’t deserve.

What do we deserve if we break a law? If you took a bunch of garbage and you threw it out on Lake Michigan and a Police Officer happens to see you, what do you think will happen? There would be consequences to you breaking the law! You will get a fine and you probably have to get wet and pick up the garbage you just threw!

Does God see us breaking His laws?? God sees everything!

God knows we have all sinned against Him and we all deserve God’s judgment now and forever; and sometimes we even have to pick up our own garbage.

The good news is, we don’t have to face God’s eternal judgment if we believe and accept God’s gift of grace, who is Jesus Christ! No matter how much sin we have, God’s grace, His gift, who is Jesus Christ who died on the cross, is SUFFICIENT to cleanse us from ALL our sins! God can handle any sin because He loves us! How do we know God loves us? Think of the most gruesome sin you can think of ….. Jesus took that on the cross so that there can be forgiveness!

Have you truly believed and received Jesus Christ as Savior and God of your life? If you have never done so before, right now is the time to do it, take a moment to close your eyes and pray right now, right where you are…………

Now look at Romans 6:1-7 with me……….

Just because God gives us undeserved favor, should we abuse that favor by continuing to go against Him? Can that really make sense? You receive forgiveness because you believe in Jesus Christ who died for all your sins but then you live as if Jesus didn’t die for sins! Think about this illustration: If you had a pet dog and it died and someone who loves you gave you a brand new live puppy, will you keep taking your dead dog for a walk?

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