Summary: There are three types of baptism mentioned in the Bible. This 2nd sermon in our series focuses on water baptism. We explore why water baptism is so crucial in the life of the believer.

Read Luke 3:21-22 , Romans 6:1-11, Galatians 3:27

• Last week started a three week series entitled ‘Baptized’, where we are studying God’s word to gain a deeper understanding of the

reality of Baptism in the Bible

• Last week we spent most of our time outlining the three different baptisms mentioned in scripture

• And how important it is to know a) the type of baptism, b) who or what you are being baptized into, and c) who is doing the


• We acknowledged last week that the first type of Baptism is when we give our hearts to Christ,

• And that in this type of baptism we are baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ or the Family of God

• We also said that this type of baptism must occur first before the other two types can occur or be affective.

• The second type of baptism we mentioned was the baptism with the Holy Spirit, which we will talk about in more detail next week.

• This type of baptism can be the second or third baptism experience once you have accepted Christ

• But we mentioned that in the Bible it was typically the third type of baptism mentioned as normally taking place in the life of the


• In this type of baptism Jesus is the one doing the baptizing, and He baptizes us into or covers us with the Holy Spirit.

• And the third type of baptism we mentioned, which we will focus on today is water baptism.

• And we said that in water baptism we are baptized by a minister of Christ into a watery grave,

• But we also said that water baptism is often misinterpreted as just a symbolic event in the Christian life.

• But as I will talk about today, it is so much more than just symbolic, as in water baptism we are actually taking on or being baptized

into the identity of Christ.

• If you remember that from last week, and you praise God for the revelation of baptism say AMEN.

• --

• I guess before I go any further it’s important to mention that I feel like it is more important for me to help you to gain a fuller

understanding of water baptism today,

• Then it is for me to shout at you, and give you a message that is exciting and maybe funny

• How many of you know I am a bit of a goofball by nature??? And I like to have fun when I preach, How many of you know that’s


• But I want to teach a little bit today, because I feel like this subject is so crucial.

• Especially given the fact that today we are going to actually be performing several water baptisms directly following the service…

• That being said, I really struggled a bit with what scriptures I was going to use, as there is so much in the Bible about water

baptism that I’d love to share,

• However, I wanted to really spend most of our time today focusing on the importance of water baptism to the Christian life

• I need you to understand that water baptism should be a life changing experience for the believer.

• When I was a child after I accepted Christ, I was baptized in water, and even though we were really not told a lot about baptism


• We were simply told that it was a symbolic public confession of our faith in Christ,

• When I came out of the water I felt something very obvious, and even though I didn’t understand it fully then

• I told my mother and the others that were there that I felt different.

• I have since received the revelation and reality of water baptism, and now understand what or who that ‘something different’ was.

• So let’s get right into the meat of our study this morning, as I don’t want to take too long, but I want those being baptized or those

contemplating being baptized today to have a clear understanding of what is going to occur.

• As I mentioned last week, and again a few minutes ago, you cannot get baptized in water into the identity of Christ if you are not

first saved.

• You can be dunked in the water, but if Christ does not already live in you, you won’t get anything from it other than getting wet.

• So the first thing I will ask when we go get into the water today are the following questions:

• 1) Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?

• 2) Do you believe that Jesus lived a perfect life, died, was buried, was resurrected, and ascended into Heaven?

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