Summary: There are three types of baptisms mentioned in the Bible. In this 3rd and final message in our series entitled 'Baptized', we will focus on what the Bible has to say about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Read Matthew 3:11

Read Acts 1:4-5 & 2:1-4

• Today we are going to finish our 3 week series on the topic of baptism.

• Two weeks ago we started this series in preparation of our water baptism service which took place last week.

• Baptism, is probably one of my favorite topics in the Bible, because of the life changing effects of all three types of baptism

• For those of you who were not here, in this series we have discussed that there are three different types of baptisms mentioned in

the Bible.

• The first baptism mentioned in scripture is the Baptism into the Family of God or Body of Christ.

• This occurs the moment we chose to surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, and accept Him as our Savior.

• Now most of us know this as our day of salvation, but the Bible calls it a form of baptism.

• In this baptism we are baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ, therefore Jesus lives in us.

• How many of you know this is the first and perhaps most important type of baptism you need to experience, as it seals your soul

for Heaven, AMEN?

• Then the second type of baptism we discussed last week was water baptism.

• In this type of baptism, a minister or vessel of God baptizes you into water, which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of

Jesus Christ.

• But as we saw last week in His Word, the Bible says if we joined with Christ in death,

• We will also take on His likeness in the resurrection.

• So we determined that through water baptism we are baptized into the identity of Christ.

• For those of you who were baptized last week, you took on the identity of Christ.

• We acknowledged that this type of baptism was so important because our image or our identities outside of Him are worthless,

• But the identity of Jesus Christ is a life changing identity, able to change the world, and of course change us.

• So we get to live with Jesus alive in us, and we get to live with Jesus identity upon us,

• And how many of you know that if God stopped right there, that’s a pretty blessed life, AMEN?

• But how many of you know that Jesus didn’t stop there???

• How many of you are glad that Jesus didn’t stop there???

• This week we are going to discuss the third type of baptism that the Bible talks about, the Baptism With the Holy Spirit.

• In this baptism, Jesus Christ Himself baptizes us with or into the Holy Spirit.

• Now let’s bring this into context, because it’s important to understand what we are saying here.

• Jesus Himself was baptized with the Holy Spirit by the Father, and now He baptizes each of us with the Holy Spirit.

• If we can understand why Jesus needed this baptism, it helps us realize the importance of Holy Spirit baptism in our own lives.

• Understand that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit upon coming out of the waters of baptism at the hands of John the Baptist.

• And John said this was the sign that He was looking for, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Man and remained,

• Then He would know that this was the Christ, or the anointed one.

• So in order to understand this we have to understand the identity of Jesus Christ.

• And this is so important, so for those of you who may be confused by this, let me try to clarify quickly.

• Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary, who was impregnated by the Holy Spirit.

• Therefore Jesus was the Son of God, how many of you understand that Jesus was the Son of God.

• Now if you understand that the Man Jesus who walked this earth was the Son of God,

• Can you also understand that Jesus is still God Himself?

• Please keep in mind that the Bible describes God as a Spirit, but God thought enough of us that He sent a piece of Himself,

• In the form of a Man (another words, God put on flesh), and came to this earth.

• So when Jesus walked this earth as a man, He was both 100% Man, and yet He was still 100% God.

• He was a man because He had flesh, and a body, and a heartbeat, and was born of a woman.

• But He was God, because the Bible says all things were created through Him,

• And how many of you know that the Bible says in the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth, AMEN?

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