Summary: How badly to you want to see?


Mark 10:46-52

Bar-Timaeus = Son of Timaeus

“Timaeus” is a part of the Aramaic “Tame’” which means “unclean” or “defiled”

Thus, Bar-Timaeus was the “Son of the unclean or defiled”

How is that for a name?

Isn’t it interesting that this, the last story of healing in Mark before the Passion . .

Is, also, the only story in Mark that names the healed?

However, there is another interesting thing about this story

Over 200 years earlier, a Greek philosopher named Plato wrote a play

The play was named Timaeus or The Cursed

This is one of the few plays that has come down to us complete

It was performed all over the Mediterranean area many times

It is the first place, as far as we know, that Plato mentions the lost continent of Atlantis

Everyone in the play was blind but the philosophers

Bar-Timaeus, the “Son of the unclean or defiled”

Was Bar-Timaeus’ father blind?

Was Bar-Timaeus born blind?

We have no idea

The Judeans believed that people lived under “curses” because of sin they, their parents or their grand-parents had done

The Judeans also believed that Jericho was cursed by Joshua

A cursed man in a cursed place

He had the nerve to call out to Jesus

“Son of David, have mercy on me.”

The Judeans were embarrassed for the reasons stated

They tried to make him be quiet

He yelled louder

Have you ever been embarrassed by someone

It is difficult to overlook someone who is yelling

We want to be able to over-look the poor, hungry, sick or blind

We cannot if they refuse to be quiet

The Judeans wanted to over-look Bar-Timaeus, but could not if he kept calling out

When Jesus said, “call him.” The Judeans became Bar-Timaeus’ friends, guiding him to Christ

B-T threw off the cloak that he had to wear as a beggar, and left his mat on which he sat

If he was not healed, he would be without possessions

Blind, he would no longer be able to find his property

Jesus said his faith (by leaving the possessions) had made him whole

Bar-Timaeus then followed Jesus into Jerusalem

On Sunday, he saw Jesus proclaimed King of the Jews with palms and coats

Thursday, was he close enough to share in the Passover meal?

Then, he watched as Jesus was tried, beaten, scourged, crucified and buried

Three days later, was he hiding in the upper room when the women told of Jesus’ resurrection?

Was Bar-Timaeus one of the 500 to whom Jesus appeared after He was raised?

Did Bar-Timaeus watch as Jesus ascended into Heaven?

Was he in the upper room on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit arrived?

Blind since birth

His first week of sight, he witnessed the Holy Week

His first two months of sight, he witnessed the birth of the Church and the filling of the Holy Spirit

What will you see?

What do you expect?

“I once was lost, but now I am found. I was blind but now I see.”

What do you see?

Is your vision different than before Jesus touched you?

Think about it.

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Rev. O. K. Neal

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