Summary: To see what it takes to make a strong soldier of Jesus

Basic Training for Christians

Part 2

Text: 2 Tim. 2:1-4

Goal of this series:

1. We want to look at this morning, the making of a strong soldier of Jesus Christ and comparing it to the making of an American Soldier.

As we will see, Soldiers are made… not born.


1. Basic training, boot camp, whatever you want to call it, is a place where young men and women are trained for the armed forces of the United States.

When it’s over, you’ll discover some amazing things.

Your mind will be sharper, your body will be lean and hard.

You’ll be more confident than you’ve ever been before.”

A. From the moment you arrive at boot camp, they begin to tear you down as a person and build you up as a group.

1. You shower naked together

Your heads are all shaved

You will all dress the same

2. Remember? Its not about YOU… its about the group!

You are only as good as your unit

c. No room for the LONE RANGER. WE stand as ONE MAN.

You mess with one of us – you messed with all of us.

3. You and the group you arrive with will be treated as one

a. A friend of mine who served in the army has some interesting stories about basic training. He once told me about a surprise inspection of their barracks. If they passed inspection, they would get a weekend pass, but if they didn’t, they would have to stay and clean the barracks all weekend.

My friend and 37 others passed inspection–but two didn’t. Those who passed were ready to celebrate until they found out the two’s failures meant everyone failed and therefore everyone would be spending the weekend cleaning. You can imagine how everybody felt toward those two soldiers.

Now the drill sergeant did not do this to be cruel but rather to teach them that they were a unit and not just individuals.

-David Dykes, Pastor Sermon Central

b. You will learn to disciple your fellow comrade

* You soon learn to look over your brother and make sure his bunk is clean, his shoes spotless.

* I would rather you disciple yourselves as a group than me have to come and do it.

* EXAMPLE… say you are watching wrong movies, etc. the group should come along side of you and challenge you to a faithful walk.

4. The soldier knows regardless how hard he has trained, how tough he is, his true strength will come from his unit as a whole.

a. " Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course…’ (2 Thessalonians 3:1


1. Soldiers are made… not born

2. What kind of soldier will you be when the process is completed?

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