Summary: The story of Gideon and his army of 300 men teaches us some great lessons about life and faith. If God were going to give a report card, what grade would we get. God’s grading system is completely turned around from the worlds, as you will see in this se

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Battle Tested for the Lord

Judges 7

What grade would God give you?

Unlike most grade cards, in this grade card A is bad and F is good!

1. What grade would God give you when it comes to your Heart?

A -Afraid or F- Fearless

Gideon- Anyone who trembles with fear may “turn back” and leave Mt. Gilead.

22,000 left.

I can remember my first fight. It was in the 5th grade against Wesley. We agreed to meet in the cemetery that was between our houses and the school.

It was to be just me and him. But when I showed up there was a circle of kids who had come to watch the big fight. Fear overtook me and I ran all the way home, chased by the crowd of spectators. I had to go and face those kids the next day.

As Christians, there are times when we are called to battle for the Lord and we must do so with great courage and not fear. There is no need for fear when we realize how awesome God is.

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but one of courage, power.

Too many Christians never reach their full potential because of fear.

Afraid to witness to co-workers

Afraid to get involved in ministry

Afraid to give God every area of their lives

Too many Christians play it safe.

Jesus- driving demons into pigs- people were afraid

Jesus- disciples- stormy sea- fear.

2. What grade would God give you when it comes to your Mind?

A- for Apathetic or F- for Focused

Gideon led the remaining 10,000 men to the water.

Some drank on their hands and knees with their face directly in the water.

Some drank by lapping the water out of their cupped hands.

Those who drank with their faces directly in the water were sent home.

It showed a lack of focus and a lack of


More concerned with their physical needs than

with the battle

On their hands and knees, they were not

prepared for a surprise attack.

Earlier this week, I was wrestling my 14 year

old son. I accomplished the near impossible

feat of tackling and pinning him to the

floor. Just when I thought that victory was

mine, my 12 year son decided to jump in and

throw himself onto my back. I was not

prepared for his surprise attack. A lesson I

learned several cracked ribs later.

As Christians we must stay focused on Christ

and the victory we can have through him. And

even while Christ is giving us victory, we

must stay alert and realize that the enemy is

always on the prowl. He is waiting for us to

let our guard down and leave ourselves open

to his attack. The Word is right when it

compares Satan to a lion looking to devour us.

Too many Christians are apathetic…

They have walked the aisle, gotten dunked,

and now they spend their lives in quietness,

giving an hour a week to God, waiting for

Jesus to come get them.

Why give just an hour a week? They don’t

care to do more. They do not feel the

urgency to make more of their relationship

with Christ.

Why don’t you come to Sunday night or

Wednesday night?

There is no good answer.

Being here on Sunday nights and Wednesday

nights wont save you or make you a better


It’s what God does through those times.

We don’t witness and outreach- we don’t feel

the urgency to reach out to the lost.

The battle tested Christian is focused.

He has a passion for the lost.

He has a sense of purpose for what God wants

to do through him.

He will not let anything keep him from those

two things.

He will not easily give in to the trappings

of this world and the temptations of the

evil one.

What grade would God give you when it comes to your trust?

A- Affirmation based or F- Fervent

Gideon often asked God for signs of affirmation.

Fleece-keep it dry while the ground is

covered in dew.

Cover the fleece in dew while the ground is


God gives Gideon yet another sign of affirmation. Go into the camp and listen to what they are saying and you will be encouraged to attack. Gideon goes into the enemy camp and listens to the story of a dream.

He is encouraged and goes and mobilizes his men for the attack.

Some Christians are constantly asking God for more

affirmation of his will.

They are afraid to do anything for the Lord, fearing it might be wrong.

God give me a sign, just one more sign.

Romans says “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test and approve of what God’s will is, his perfect will.

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