Summary: Men, our families desperately need us to "be a man." What does that mean, exactly? The Bible provides us four descriptions of what it means to "be a man."


Text: 1 Corinthians 16:13


•“Quit you like men” means “Be a man”

•What does it mean to be a man?


1. Be a Protector – Mark 3:27

•Protect them physically


¼ million child abductions every year

1,700,000 adult drug arrests in 2005 and rising


A friend of mine requests prayer for a girl that was not taken for medical attention and desperately needed it


One boy in my sister-in-law’s class at school is deaf because his dad took books and slammed them against his ears

1/3 females and 1/5 males sexually abused by 18 years old (Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment)

•Protect them morally


oviolent and sexually explicit TV, movies, and music



The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network has organized over 400 Gay-Straight Alliances in US

Director Kate Frankfurt: “Gays are tired of riding in the back of the bus. The issue [of gay rights] is now being joined, and the schools are a very important battleground.”

Gay activist and New York kindergarten teacher Jaki Williams: “Starting in kindergarten is a must, since children at that age are still developing their values. Even at that age, the saturation process needs to begin.”

Lesbian author Patricia Nell Warren: “Whoever captures the kids owns the future.”

Recent survey by Roiters News says 85% of high school seniors now believe gay is ok

•Protect them spiritually

oSee that they get to church

oDiscuss spiritual problems and concerns

oMonitor their spiritual growth and influences

2. Be a Provider – 1 Timothy 5:8

•Provide the necessities

oFood, shelter, clothing

oPossible to provide too much

•Provide a healthy environment

oFamily open for discussions and help

oGet along with everybody

oMonitor habits - (TV show: "Honey, We’re Killing the Kids")

oTeach rules, responsibility and consequences

Summerhill was a school in England where kids could do what they wanted...didn’t work so well

•Provide encouraging experiences

oPraise and encourage often

oConstructive criticism and correction when needed

•Provide a good example

oValues are not taught to children; they are caught by them.

oMom warning me not to go out drinking when I was in grade school

3. Be a Partner – Ephesians 5:25

•Honor by words

oDoesn’t hurt to say “I love you” every now and then

oComplimenting dress, hair

•Honor by actions

oRemember important days

oOpening door

oTaking out trash or doing dishes without being told

•Honor by commitment

oRemember your vows

oWives shouldn’t have to worry about our faithfulness

4. Be a Priest – Job 1:5

•Offer prayer

oPray for your family daily

oPray about decisions affecting your family

•Offer praise

oBe the model for praising God in your family

oThank God for your family

oWhen was the last time you thanked God for your family?

•Offer yourself

oJames Dobson: average preschool child watches between 30 and 50 hours of television per week while average time spent interacting with father is 37 seconds per day

oJames Dobson: There is no higher calling on earth for men than to be a father.

oHow much time have you spent with your family in the past week?

oCasting Crowns song: “American Dream” (All they really wanted was you)


•Our families need us to “be a man”

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