Summary: This is the 50th sermon in the series "Action". This series is from the Book of Acts and the Epistles. This series began when the COVID19 pandemic began.

Series: Action [#50]


Acts 18:1-28


Over the last few Wednesdays, we have been studying how to make wise choices in who are your close friends. One of the main points is- To have a close friend, you have to be a close friend. We live in a time where people enjoy destroying other people and leave them discouraged. In our sermon today we our going to learn how to be an encourager.

If you are here this morning and you have been told what a failure you are; I need you to listen to me closely. I have a few quotes about people that you should hear.

* “He will never amount to anything”- Munich School Master concerning Albert Einstein.

* “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivn’ a truck”- Elvis Presley’s 1st Manager.

* “You are too stupid to learn anything”- Numerous teachers of Thomas Edison.

* “You are fired. You are not creative enough”- The Head of a Missouri News Paper to Walt Disney.

Acts 18:1-4

You encourage others by…

1. Being a friend.

Aquila and Priscilla were a Jewish couple who had to move to Corinth because Jews were kicked out of Rome. Instead of being bitter and angry, they chose to make new friends. They met Paul through their common occupation- Tent making. They encouraged Paul in his ministry.

Acts 18:5-6

You encourage others by…

2. Being a loyal friend.

Silas and Timothy had been friends and ministered with Paul for a while. Timothy was like a son to Paul; and Silas was with Paul more than once when they were being persecuted. Paul seemed to attract abuse and controversy; but Silas and Timothy never abandoned him.

Acts 18:7

You encourage others by…

3. Being hospitable.

Paul left the Synagogue and went next door. He met Titius Justus who was a worshipper of God. Most believe that Paul lived at his home for 18 months. Titius Justus opened his home to a stranger.

Acts 18:8

You encourage others by…

4. Sharing your faith.

Crispus was a leader at the Synagogue and yet he was not a Christian. He had been following the traditions of Judaism. Paul shared his faith in Jesus to those at the Synagogue; and many rejected his message; but not Crispus, his family, and may Corinthians- They were saved and baptized.

Acts 18:9-17

You encourage others by…

5. Praying and listening to God.

God spoke to Paul in a vision. God told Paul to keep preaching the Gospel; and that he would protect him. I love that God told Paul that He had many people in the city. God did exactly what He promised to Paul- He protected him.

Acts 18:18-28

You encourage others by…

6. Discipling them.

Not only did Paul disciple many; but we see that Aquila and Priscilla discipled Apollos. Apollos knew Scripture well and he wasn’t afraid to speak about Jesus in the Synagogue; but he still had plenty to learn. Aquila and Priscilla invited him to their home, and they taught him more about God.


It is easy to destroy people; but we are called to be encouragers.

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