Summary: Genesis 3:17 uncovered

Good afternoon my brothers and sisters, today you will find me in the book of Genesis chapter 3 verse number 17. This is the first book of the bible. It is also the first book of the Old Testament, which means that it was written before we come into contact with Jesus. Genesis is also one of the books best known as the books of Law.

The reason why this book is known as the book of Law is because it is here when we begin to recieve instructions on how to live. We begin to see how we ended up in this things called sin. We also are taught and informed about how the land and the world came about. By the time we get to Genesis 3 we have already found out that:

1. God created the world and he seperated the night from the day.

2. God created all of the animals.

3. God created Adam toi name the animals and to watch over the land.

4. God created Eve to become Adam' helper in the land, also that Eve was created by using one of Adam' ribs.

Now we are in the 3rd chapter of Genesis where we find out how Satan tempted Eve, and how Adam falls to his wife. How does he fall to his wife Eve? He listens to her bad advice, by eatting the fruit which God told him not to eat.

We can learn this from this passage of scripture: Satan will strive to get you to go against the law of God. God makes everyone accountable for their own sins. Be careful not listen to negative or bad things that will cause you to go against God. The reason being is becaiuse you will have to give an account for going against God. AMEN

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