Summary: Sermon that focuses on Encouragement

Encouraging Others

1 Thessalonians 3:1-8

I. The Need for Encouragement

Each person in this room today is in need of some type of encouragement. Just this week, a person close to our family has fallen into sin. We are crushed and disappointed that this has happened – but what are we to do – we are to encourage this person and love him with the love of the Lord.

Not one person in this room is above any type of sin. We are all sinners – we are all imperfect – we all need a Savior – we all need Jesus Christ.

• We need encouragement because of:

o The trials of life

 A minister tells us that he was spending several days in one of our western

cities. He put up at a hotel, and one morning he heard, while up in his

room, the most wonderful whistling he had ever listened to. It seemed like

the note of a bird, but he thought it could not be that, for there was a

perfectly regular tune kept up with much power. Though he was in the third

story, yet the music came gushing up in its sweet melody, and seemed to fill

the whole house. He ran downstairs to get a sight of the wonderful

performer, looking every man that he met in the face. At last, he asked the

clerk who it was that had such amazing power as a whistler. Laughing at his

simplicity he pointed him to a canary bird that had been trained to perform

in this way, and was valued at $150.

"How was that bird trained to sing this way?" the gentleman enquired. In

reply the clerk told him that during the training process the bird is nearly

starved and shut up in a room that is almost dark. While it is under this

severe discipline, and its attention undivided, a bird organ is made to play

this one tune over and over again, for days. Hearing nothing else, and

taught by his troubles, the poor little bird takes up the tune, which he

performs so perfectly.

Thus it is that God permits his people to be afflicted that they may learn

the heavenly song. He shuts them up in the dark room of sorrow, away from

the tempting sights and sounds of the world, that they may, without

distraction, listen to his voice and learn to sing the higher melodies of

glory. Blessed are those who patiently wait the Lord's good time to work out

their deliverance. When the song of Grace is fully learned, he brings them

into a large place, sets their feet upon a rock, and others learn from them

the sweet song of redeeming love.

o The temptations of Satan

What Satan fears most

Is a man on his knees;

Not vast marching armies

With great weaponry.

He knows he can stand

Against the power of men;

To engage us in battle

Is mere sport to him.

But a man on his knees

With his head bowed in prayer

Is something quite different

To the prince of the air.

For when he sees us in prayer

To our God most high,

He knows we have seen

Through his devilish lies.

That's why Satan fears most

A man on his knees;

And we'll keep him trembling

If our prayers never cease.

o The turmoil of your emotions

 God’s word teaches us to:

• Be strong

• Be courageous

• Do not fear

• Look to Him for guidance and direction

• Do whatever it takes for the gospel!

BE ENCOURAGED – God loves even you!

II. The Focus of Encouragement

• Tough times will come in the life of a Christian – focus on these things

o Spiritual Truth – Get into the Word of God – allow God’s Word to strengthen you and establish you in the faith.

 Get off of the milk and begin strengthening your faith with the meat of God’s Word.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 – All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Titus 1:9 – Hold fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine to exhort and convince.

Friend, as I stand gazing out my window I could see the raindrops falling from Heaven. They reminded me of the day the Lord anointed me in His special way. As I was looking over into the horizon I could see the sun starting to rise. It reminded me of the day when I would look upon my Master's face and see the smile that I put there the day I gave my life to Him.

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