Summary: We 'The Church' are called to be differant, not of the world even. We are directed to encourage one another, there is so much that God has done for us so much we can encourage one another about - awesome stuff this encouraging!

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Be Encouragers! Hebrews 10:24-25, Encouragement vs The Great Kiwi Knocking Machine!

Play the Song ‘You Ugly’, I just thought we could do with a little entertainment this morning prior to the sermon as you see this song came out of the United States of America, only in the U.S eh what a discouraging piece of music. I guess at some stage we have all heard those words, or have we can you relate to it?

As a nation Kiwi’s are brilliant at encouragement I looked it up on Google and found I419000 references to it in 0.12 seconds, but what came up was The Great Kiwi Knocking machine, now that’s not about encouragement.

For non New Zealanders the term, “The Great Kiwi Knocking Machine” might come as a surprise, but as New Zealanders or Kiwi’s we all know what it is, it’s not something that is used for processing fruit or plucking feathers off endangered wild life.

The Great Kiwi Knocking Machine is something that is called into play whenever a fellow New Zealander is either doing well, actually achieving something in life and needs to be put back in their place, their place being level with everyone else or a bit below where they started out before they did well, or if someone is not doing well, The Great Kiwi Knocking Machine comes into play because they have failed and require a few extra blows to let them know just how badly they have done, and not to think about doing any better.

The Great Kiwi knocking machine is vicious, direct and deadly. Interestingly it is not made of ball bearing shooting steel sprung loaded catapults, or any other form of energy released machinery, it comprises of the product of the tongue and mind, a quick wit and a smarmy sense of humor. The Great Kiwi knocking Machine uses words to rob, kill and destroy.

The Great Kiwi Knocking Machine is alive and well! Attacking the bloke who works hard to achieve; who is told “he has ideas above his station”; the mum who wants the best for her kids who is told she does to much for them or why bother they will find their own way in life; the kids who get bullied because they are different or liked more than the one who is doing the bullying, and at this time just prior to the elections the politicians who resort to character assignation of their competition, not to mention the media making fodder out of politicians.

The path to the Great Kiwi Knocking Machine is littered with the wilted storks and petals, the dried stigmas and what could have been life giving pollinating stamens of crushed tall poppies that were cut down with a lightening quick razor sharp tongue.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of the Machine, have you ever driven it?

In the church we are not to go there! We are required to be different, while disputes may arise, while we may have our own view, while differences are seen, we are called on to encourage one another. In the church there is no place for causing casualties of friendly fire. There is no place for the Great Kiwi Knocking Machine, for the scythe shaped tongue that destroys buds of brilliance that dare to grow taller than the norm or over perform, that dare to show grace, or love as Christ loved them, there is also no place to knock the person who is seeking, who is different in the way they dress or look or act, we are called to encourage one another!

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