Be Ever So Careful

The heart Is deceitful above all things,

and desperately wicked; who can know it?

I, the Lord search the heart;

I, test the mind, even to give every man according to the fruit of his doing. Jeremiah 17: 9 - 10

(1) Be Ever So Careful

(A) The Lord Is Omnipresent

(B) The Lord searches the heart

(C) The Lord tests the mind

(2) Be Ever So Careful

(A) What you think (EXAMPLE)

(B) What you feel (EXAMPLE)

(C) How you act(EXAMPLE)

A Comforting Thought For Ignorance

Proverbs 24:12

If you say, surely we didn’t know this. Does not he who weighs the heart consider It? and will he not render according to his deeds.

(3) Your Past

(A) Face your past and God will show you your future.

(B) Make your crooked paths straight, God has heard your conversations.

(C) He knows your past

(4) Be Ever So Careful (Warning)

(A) Your sins are written with a pen of iron; With the point of a diamond they are engraved.

(B) You are under close observation

(C) Your most secret places God’s there

(D) God will repay

Thou Knowest the Heart

O Lord God, there Is no God like thee In the heaven nor In the earth, which keepest covenant

and showest mercy and showest mercy unto those

who walk before thee with all their hearts.

Hearken unto the supplications of us, thy people

hear thou, and when thou hearest forgive.

and render unto every man according unto all his ways,

II Chronicles 6: 14, 21, 30

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