Summary: the importance of lifting others up in prayer and encouraging others

Be Faithful

2 Timothy 1:3-8

Primary Purpose: To discuss the importance of lifting others up in prayer and

to encourage one another

Tradition tells us that Paul was freed from his first imprisonment that

the book of Acts ends with. He went back to Asia Minor and Greece and

was later re-arrested by the Romans. He was martyred around 66 to 67 a.d..

Chapter 4:6 makes it clear that to Paul his death was very close. Nero had

burned Rome on July 18, 63 a.d. and blamed it on the Christians. This started

an intense time of persecution for the Christians. Paul is writing this last

letter to encourage his son in the faith because difficult times lie ahead.

A man named William Ward once said “Flatter me, and i may not believe

you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive

you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you.

It is amazing what a little word of encouragement can do. Marion Gilbert

tells a story of one day opening his door to get his morning paper. He was

surprised to see a little dog with the paper in his mouth. Delighted at this

surprise, he fed him some treats. The following morning he was horrified to

see the same dog sitting on his front porch, wagging his tail, surrounded by

eight newspapers. He spent the rest of the morning returning those papers.

This is what Timothy needed to hear from his beloved apostle and teacher

and friend.

In light of what Paul says to Timothy, Timothy can make several “I am”

statements about himself. These are:

1. I am prayed for. For as long as Timothy lived, he knew he had the prayer

support of the apostle Paul. That this prayer was going on day and night. It

was a intercessory prayer motivated by his love for Timothy. Paul knew

Timothy was still young and many danger lie ahead. He can do nothing

greater for a person than to intercede for him or her.

2. I am equipped. v.6. Paul had evidentially had a service in which he had

laid hands on Timothy and appointed him for the task. God had given him the

gifts, talents and abilities he had. It is important to remember when the task

seems enormous that God equips those he calls. According to 2 Timothy

3:16-17 He equips us by his word for every good work.

It is up to us to work on improving our talents and abilities by seeking

to use them however the Lord directs.

3. I am not alone. Timothy may have felt very alone as adversity is now

coming on several fronts, the Romans and the Jews. He must remember that

God has placed within us His Holy Spirit. He has promised not to leave us or

forsake us. Heb 13:5b; Matt 28:20. Jesus promised to be with us even to the

end of the age. The word says that God is close to the brokenhearted and

saves those crushed in spirit Ps 34:18. I should take refuge in Him for He is

a shield to those who trust in Him Ps 9:9-10

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