Summary: PROPOSITION: Because Christ is the Deliverer, you must forsake your idols and follow Him.

Be Faithful to the Deliverer

Judges 2

I. Refuse to follow heathen gods! 2:11-15

A. God recognizes our idolatry (11-13).

1. The Israelites abandoned the LORD.

2. The Israelites worshipped other gods.

B. God responds to our idolatry (14-15).

1. God is angered by those who persist in their sin (14a)

2. God chastens those who persist in their sin (14b-15).

II. Resolve to follow God’s chosen leadership! 2:16-19

A. God makes His leadership available for you (16-17).

1. People quickly turn from truth.

2. God uses His leaders to rescue them.

B. God makes His deliverance available for you (18-19).

1. He hears their cry for help.

2. He extends mercy in response.

III. Remain faithful to follow God especially during times of testing! 2:20-3:6

A. God uses testing to prove your faithfulness.

1. Be diligent to walk in His ways (22).

2. Be purposed to keep His commandments (3:4).

B. God uses our failures to illustrate unfaithfulness.

1. Unfaithfulness is a result of partial obedience..

2. Unfaithfulness is a result of unscriptural relationships.

3. Unfaithfulness is a result of idolatry.

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