Summary: Human hunger cannot be removed by leaves.Jesus desired to eat one or two figs.

Mathew 21: 17-20

Jesus saw a fig tree

Characteristic of that fig tree

1. They overlap the ordinary rule of growth the rule is first fig afterwards the figleaves.

2. People usually catch the eye of others according to Marks Gospel our Lord saw this tree "afar off"

Note: Easy way to be nonfruitful be stand on the way to the church

but evenif you have noted by somany, be fruitful in christ is important. be in a church corner.

3. Such people not only catch the eye, but they often attract the company of good men Our saviour and disciples went up there.

4. He will look the fruit the first adam came to figtree for leaves but second adam looks for figs

5. common rule for trees is fruit before leaves ( thats the reason why jesus looks for figs)

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