Summary: It’s not until we understand the penalty of sin that we can fully appreciate the work of the Cross.

“Be Glad When You’re Sad” Matthew 5:4 Beatitudes - #2

Intro: Today, we continue our series from the Beatitudes. To refresh our minds, the word

“Beatitude” means Supreme Blessedness, and the word “Blessed” means having a

Spiritual Joy and Satisfaction that remains regardless of conditions. With this in mind,

we look to Beatitude #2, found in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they

will be comforted.” Ecc. 7:2 says, “It is better to go to a house of mourning than to a

house of feasting.” Luke 6:25 also says, “Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn

and weep.”

We all like to laugh and have a good time, don’t we? We hear it’s even healthy for us.

Yet, Jesus tells us that we are “Blessed” when we mourn. This is difficult to understand

because it is contrary to our human experience. We live in a society and a world that is

“Pleasure-Hungry.” Most of life is spent avoiding sorrow and pain.

What is so good about Mourning? (Think about it this way) ---- When you truly are sorrowful

and when you truly MOURN, it shows that you’re SERIOUS about whatever it is. It shows

that you honestly and truly care in a deep way. Illus. - (Ballgame - Player gets hurt - Hush

falls over the crowd - Outcome not as important.) Also, think about this: Does it mean

more to you if someone comes to a happy party you’re having or if they show up when

you’re grieving and sad?

These are some “real-life” examples. Now, let’s ask ---- What kind of Blessedness and

Mourning is Christ talking about in this passage? In this Beatitude, He is talking of a

Deep, Godly Sorrow. To “Mourn” means to have a Broken Heart and a Helpless,

almost Desperate Sorrow. It is not being sorry because you did something and you


Illus. - A well-known businessman stayed at a hotel and complained to the management

about the high amount of bugs he had in his room. Later, he received a letter from the

corporate headquarters which lamented their sorrow and regret that a person of such

fame, social standing, honor, respect and brilliance had to endure these conditions. By

mistake however, a small piece of paper was accidentally included in the formal letter

which read, “Send him the BUG LETTER.” (They weren’t the least bit sorry!)

A person who mourns is a person who is desperately sorry for their sins. They have such

a sense of their sin, that their heart is just broken. When was the last time you felt that

deep, internal agony and sorrow for your sins? (I’m not sure some of us ever have.)

And yet, 2 Cor. 7:10 says, “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and

leaves no regret.....” Here we see that GODLY SORROW OVER SIN is what brings

about repentance, then forgiveness which leads to deliverance.

In this Beatitude, Jesus is saying in effect, that there can be no true joy or that deep,

comforting satisfaction which comes from being blessed unless their is an honest sorrow

for your sin. In other words, He is saying, “Blessed are those who are sorry about

their sinfulness.” It is only within this admission, that we can truly be comforted.

Conclusion: (Think of it this way) ---- It is only those who know the reality of the penalty

of sin, that can truly appreciate what it means to be forgiven and to be spared from it.

Illus. - (Highway Worker - Co-worker pulled him out of truck’s way and saved his life -

The saved man felt deeply indebted and was forever grateful because he knew he

could’ve easily died.)

Likewise, those of us as Christians who spiritually understand the “end-result” and

penalty of sin, can fully appreciate, are indebted to and are truly thankful for our

deliverance from death made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This brings us comfort not only today, but for ETERNITY as well. This is how “WE CAN


As you leave here today, keep in mind that persons who are always laughing and

joking and are never serious about life, are often the most shallow and most miserable.

It is only when we truly MOURN OVER OUR SINS, that He comforts us and blesses us

with a settled inward peace; a relief; an assurance of forgiveness, of protection and of

deliverance; full acceptance and a fullness of joy that cannot be moved.

Take some time this week to lament and to mourn over your sins before Almighty God.

Truly repent of your sins, truly be forgiven and again experience HIS TRUE COMFORT!


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