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Summary: We have so many heros, but we need only one.

Luke 2:41->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Life of Christ Series <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Who did you want to be like when you were growing up?

ILL>>> Dan Smith b-ball player / -- pretend play nerf ball - jerry Adams, Mitch Steiner, Benny Polk, - Victor Hazard, --- piece of paper - contact

ILL>>> Be like Mike ... Michael Jordan /// Kids in Janet’s class wrote about wanting to be being a Bad word- Pim...-- It is the hip street culture.

title of this Sermon -- Be like Christ !! Grow like Christ!!

I. Christ as a Child

A. Dedicated as a baby 2:22 Jerry- Jake - Bible verses

B. Blessed by Simeon & Anna 2:34 & 2:38 godly heroes, Dr Lee Roberson. Dr, Criswell. ...

C. Blessed by obedient parents - 2:39 forming character ILL>> cement w/ forms, rebar

1. Resulted in growth

2. Resulted in strength - of spirit

3. Resulted in wisdom training - responsibility of parents

4. Resulted in grace training

II. Christ as a Youth 2:41

A. Godly initiation 2:42 - 2:49

1. first feast ----12 yr. olds can have first feast -- before bar mitzvah at 13

2. First sign of Deity, - no one understood

B. Godly process - (as we all must strive for!!) 2:51-2:52

wisdom - mental

stature - physical

favor with God - spiritual

favor with man - social

III. Christ as a Man 3:21-22

A. The Example of baptism 3:21

B. The Example of prayer v21 - a theme of Luke - picturing Jesus in prayer

C. The Example of Holy Spirit filling 22 - like a dove (not a real dove) humble, gentle, simple

D. The Example of Sonship

1. Proclaimed by the voice of God

2. Proclaimed by the genealogies v38

ILL>>> Don Dupree -- Million Dollar sales man- took me 10 years to do it. -- The management asked me to train new people. - Most didn’t listen...

Listen to the Life of Christ. Follow His Word!

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