Summary: On this day, we dedicated our pipe organ, the gospel talked about a man who was healed who opened his voice in praise...we now have pipes that accompany our healed voices!

Be Opened!

Mark 7:31-37


† In Jesus Name †

Grace, mercy and peace be yours, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Pipes, just lieing in the nursery

The hands of the master

The wind blows through,

The master smiles….

Back in April of this year, I attempted to go into the nursery, to look for something in it’s closet. I could barely open the door, for there, stacked about 3 foot high, where these long wooden trays, fill with long wood blocks, of all different sizes, with what appeared to be dowels stuck in one side.

Lying there on the floor, they were more a lifeless impediment, with no perceivable purpose. I suspected that they might have something to do with the pipe organ project, but what role? I had no clue. Ole walked in on me there, while I was staring at these objects, picked up one of the smaller ones, and blew into it! Turns out some pipe organs have wooden pipes! Who knew!

Those pipes have since been in a master’s hands, and carefully, one might say even lovingly placed into its proper place, the place where it was designed to go, to the place where it can come alive, as the wind blows through it, and the sound of its music, brings a smile to the master craftsman’s face.

By the way Ron, the days were things were going the way you planned, you had those incredible smiles, and your eyes twinkled with the glee of a parent, watching kids open presents at Christmas.

Today, we celebrate the work of the master. Not Ron, but a master craftsman, who makes masterpieces out of broken and silent lives. We will dedicate those pipes, and blocks, and the keyboard console to one specific use; to assist us, in bringing a similar smile to the face of God. For I would have you realize that we are like those pipes. God carefully and lovingly guides us in life, and the Holy Spirit is working in us, like the wind. He causes us to come alive, and rejuvenates us, as our voices soar in praise of our God.

I am amazed at God’s little coincidences, for our gospel story fits so well. For a man is healed, as Jesus’ words bring life to his dead ears, and his voice, also restored proclaims with great zeal the work of Christ, that he has experienced. The work of Christ, that has happened, or can happen, to every person sitting here today.

The unopened ears and tied mouth

Blocked ears

Restricted tongues!

The healing strikes home

Imagine being in the position of that man, having lived all of your life, without being able to hear, and in conjunction with that, not being able to communicate with your voice. Some of us might think it a blessing! You would not able to hear that car next to you, with its bass sounds vibrating your closed windows; but you could not hear the laughter of young children either. You could not hear the coarse language on television, but you could not hear the words “I love you,” from your spouse, or your parents. You could try and communicate, but the blank stares on the faces around you would tell you that people just don’t hear what you are trying to say. Words have no meaning, for you cannot comprehend putting your thoughts and dreams into words.

The man’s ears, in the Greek – were “barred”, or “blocked”. The words describing the tongue picture it bound, imagine having to talk with twenty rubber bands tightly wound around it.

What kind of miracle would it be, to all of a sudden be brought by friends to a man. A bit oddly, he thrusts his fingers in your ears, and spits and places the saliva on your tongue. And the you hear your first words, Be Open! And then it hits you, and those around you – you HEARD this man speak. You HEARD Him! You scream in joy, and realize, your tongue is not twisted, it is no longer hindered, it is free.

His voice was opened, and the praises stream forth, to the God who heals, restores,, rejuvenates. For the reading from Isaiah has been fulfilled there in the gospel reading,

He will come and save you." 5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped; 6 then shall the lame man leap like a deer, and the tongue of the mute sing for joy.

Just like the pipes, put in place by the master organ craftsman, the voices testify of Jesus, who is the craftsman who works on our lives. It is no accident that the Spirit’s title in Greek, is pneuma, the wind. For as that wind brings life to our lives, as it sweeps through us, like the organ’s pipes, our voices sound forth praises.

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