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Summary: Be prepared for Jesus' return.

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Be Prepared!

Matthew 25:1-13

I. Preparation (1-4)

A. Virgins – All who have been invited to the wedding

B. The Wise

1. Lamps

2. Sufficient oil

3. Responsibility to be prepared

a. Implies respect for the Bridegroom

C. The Foolish (moronos)

1. Lamps

2. Insufficient oil

3. Lack of responsibility to be prepared

a. Implies a lack of respect for the Bridegroom

II. Problem (5-9)

A. Long delay of Bridegroom

1. Time between Ascension & Return

2. No man knows the time of return

B. Lack of preparedness of the foolish

1. They were not adequately prepared

2. They wasted time that they could have prepared

C. Preparedness cannot be transferred

III. Punishment (10-13)

A. They that were ready entered in

B. They who were not ready were shut out

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