Summary: I know that personally, when I was in a jam, or in a rough spot, I spent too much time complaining about my problem and trying to get out of it, instead of focusing on the fact that God was only preparing me, and getting me ready for something....

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Be ready, God wants you

Daniel 1-3

Intro: Sometimes in life we find our selves in situations that make us wonder. “How come I am the only one who has to do this?” Or “how come he/she does not have to go through it?” Then we spend all of our time complaining, grumbling about our situation and trying to get out of the situation. The truth of the matter is that we think we are spending time, but we are wasting time. I say that because the Bible (which is the book form where we are taught out of and which holds all we need to know in order to live a successful Christian life) says in 1Thesselonians 5:18 to give thanks in ALL things. As far as I know it is impossible to be thankful and grumble and complain about the same thing simultaneously. Now I know that some of you may be thinking if something is going bad, how do you expect me to give God thanks. And why would I want to do that? Well that’s because the Bible (there’s that book again says that) says in Romans 8:28 that ALL things work together for the good of those that love the Lord. The main problem we have is that we don’t have TRUE FAITH. With true faith, you will understand that, as a Christian, God has a plan for your life and if it involves a little pain and frustration now and then, so be it. We have to KNOW that God has a plan for us. That is the main key.

We also have to begin to look to the Bible for more help. It is a book filled with so much information. It will help you, if you want it to help you. That comes by not just reading it once, but reading it to understand. I know that the reason I never wanted to read the Bible was because I thought that there was nothing in there for me at all. I always thought, how can a bunch of people who only wore skirts help me out? How can people who lived thousands of years ago help me in what I am doing today?

Info: Around 605bc there was a king of Babylon by the name of Nebuchandnezzar. He went around invading countries, towns, villages and taking all the people he thought were useful back to Babylon. He took all the intelligent, good looking, strong people. He left only the poor and weak and they took whatever land was left. On this specific raid he captured, among many others 4 boys. These 4 young men did not know it but what they were about to do, and more importantly what they were NOT going to do would be talked about for centuries to come. These young men got together and decided that they were going to stick together in their decisions and not change. Even when death was placed before them they showed that Faith can definitely move mountains.

Question: How can I live for Christ when life seems so unfair?

I. Understand God’s calling on your life. (God calls us to commitment, not comfort)

a. What ever happens in your life, God allowed it.(Ch1v2)

b. God puts us in a place where you can be selected (Ch1v6)

` i. God chose us from BEFORE birth. (Ephesians 1:11)

ii. We did NOT choose God, he chose us (John 15:16)

c. Your situation my look impossible, but God is in control.

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