Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: For us to remain relevant and faithful to the task given to us, we need to keep a sharp focus on the 2nd Coming.

Introduction: The Doctrine of Last Thing is unpopular today. We are living in when people would rather hear messages of prosperity-that God has saved us from a world of troubles to give us a life of peace and prosperity on the earth.

Those who teach this have simply invented another gospel and portray a false Christ- the god of this age and not the God of the Bible.

We are to remember that our citizenship is in heaven above. And we are called to be Ambassadors for Christ here on earth.

The Early Church was powerful in faith because believers had confidence that Jesus was coming again.

Someone said that the O.T from Genesis preached “Christ is Coming.” The Gospels preaches “Jesus is Here”. And the Rest of the N.T books from Acts- Rev. “Jesus is Coming again”.

What is the Future of Western Civilization and culture as we know it?

2 Tim. 3:1 ‘Perilous Times’ shall come’ – “Perilous’ means ‘to be in danger’, ‘high risk’, ‘savage’, ‘troublesome’, or ‘perplexing’.

“The Last Days will be made perilous by a rise in banking crises, environmental crises, increased taxes, rationed health insurance, and cutbacks in workers compensation. The cost of insurance will skyrocket. Prices will rise dramatically, outstripping the normal person’s ability to pay. People will try foreign religions and dabble in New Age movement which is simply repacked Old Eastern Religions. Genetic engineering which tinkers with God’s designs…society will continue to deceive itself with the illusion that things are getting better. The family has already been redefined to consider homosexual and lesbian couples as family units. Trust is social, political and spiritual authority will continue to erode. Uncontrollable violence in large cities will spread to smaller towns. Brutal and senseless killings will plague the nations…” Frank Damazio- The Vanguard Leader. Pg .131

For us to remain relevant and faithful to the task given to us, we need to keep a sharp focus on the 2nd Coming.

Effects of believing in Christ’s Return:

If we believe in His Second Coming we shall be:

1. Pure in Heart: 1 Jn. 3:3

Purity within is essential to rightly see without .- “ As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..”:

2. Resolute in Purpose: 1 Pet. 1:13

a. As the girdle (belt) braces up the body, so the truth of the Lord’s Coming will hold together in a resolute purpose the mind of our determination.

3. Sanctified in Life: Eph. 5:26,27

The reason the Lord sanctifies and cleanses the Church is that He he might present it to Himself a glorious Church.

4. Patient in Trial: James 5:7,8

5. Faithful in Service: Luke 19: 12-26

6. Expectant in Attitude: Titus 2:11-14; 1Thess. 1:10

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