Summary: Building your Faith through your increasing knowledge of God will always give you assure victory in spiritual conflicts


Our God is great and glorious. He rules over all circumstances and situations in life especially everything contrary to the Life of His children.

What the Lord wants you to know first before all other things is Himself. Knowing God is more than confessing to be born again, it's more than that. It's more than mouth professing of the knowledge of God but moving close to Him in our daily life. It's taken your time with Him in daily fellowship and knowing the operations of His hand through His Word. The Word of God presents us what God can do and what He can do through you and what you should not do less He leave you desolate.

Many people appreciate knowing the devil and his works more than Knowing God and the works of His hand. 80% to 90% of their knowledge and conversation is about anything related to devil and all kinds of enemy but little thing about God. They are, in a sense, fill with the knowledge of devil more than they are filled with the knowledge of God. That is why their Faith in God is faltering and not amount to anything. They pray in fear and do any spiritual things they are doing in fear.

King Saul knew Goliath more than he knew the God of Israel. He knew what Goliath was up to but never knew what God was up to. His supreme knowledge of Goliath dethroned his little knowledge of God in the time of battle. Once he heard the voice of Goliath, he went to hiding. He couldn't say anything about the God of Israel and what He could do in such a time like that. Even when David who knew the God of Israel came to the seen, the king was busy preaching the power of the enemy to him just as ten spies preached the power of the enemies to Israelites and were fainted and wept as a result. That's why he lived in defeat and never conquer Goliath. His fear of Goliath which based on his knowledge of him kept him in bondage and slavery to Goliath.

It's not because Goliath was unconquerable to him but his too much knowledge of him made it so. Do you know the reason why you are impotent before your conceived enemies, it's because you know them more than you know God. Once you hear there voice, you are scare, God is not there with you in that state. You cannot operate in Faith and Fear together, it cannot work. Faith is base on the knowledge of God you have while fear is base on the knowledge of your Goliath in you.

When David came to the seen, the man who was filled with the knowledge of God and as a result, his Faith reached to heaven to bring down giant, no matter how he seems.

While king Saul was addressing Goliath as a man of war from his youth who David couldn't conquer, immediately David spoke out what he knew about God and demonstrated his Faith by his spoken Word which was based in the knowledge of God. He said, let no man's heart fail because of him, your servant will go and fight against this uncircumcised Philistine and who is he to defy the army of the Living God. King Saul wanted to spread his fear to David but he quickly cast it off.

All what David said was based on His Faith in the knowledge of God. His great knowledge of God's supremacy made him to disdain what was terrifying the king.

His Advancing to Goliath and conquering him was based on his great knowledge of what God could do.

Instead of study enemies, study God; instead of thinking about what enemy can do against you, think on what God can do for you and do against the enemies; instead of building you fear in knowing enemy, build your Faith in knowing God. Faith always speaks victory over all the hordes of the devil and never shiver over enemy because he knows his God.

When your Faith reaches the highest, it simply praise God for the assured victory just like Jehoshaphat did. That's why it's only people who know their God shall wax strong and do exploit.

The word is, before you spend one hour in knowing the enemy, spend ten hours in knowing God. David never knew anything about Goliath but when he surface David knew divine formulae that would conquer him immediately.

Knowing God and building your Faith in Him gives you rest and peace. That's why only those who believe enter into the rest of God.

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