Summary: Let’s see if you can name which branch of the arm service these phrased are used.? Be All That You Can Be! (Army) - “Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win”(Air Force) - “The Few, The Proud“ (Marines) - “Born Ready” (Coast Guard) - “Forged by the Sea” (Navy)

Intro: Let’s see if you can name which branch of the arm service these phrased are used.? Be All That You Can Be! (Army) - “Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win”(Air Force) - “The Few, The Proud“ (Marines) - “Born Ready” (Coast Guard) - “Forged by the Sea” (Navy)

These slogans was so good; the branches of the military had not been changed for a very long time.

Q. Now If your life had a slogan…what would it be? If your work had a slogan…what would that be? – Now the real question? Are you the best that God wants you to be, if not, then what is holding you back. What are you afraid of, or have you even given this any thought to what you can be?

How about this one, how did you become better at what you know how to do, take me for example. I know how to do many things and have many talents and skills, how did all of this come about?

Well it started a long time ago with me as a child and though out my child hood I was told by many, that was never was going to amount to nothing, was told many times your not good enough, or better yet at times were told I was dumb and slow.

Why well for one I was deaf and hard of hearing in my good ear, and I had a speech problem because of this handicap and it caused me to be slow and at times I was rejected from normal activities because people treated me in this way.

So because of this, I purposed it into my mind as I got older, I was going to do all I could do and learn all I could and be the best in what I could be.

Folks this was nothing more than divine help from God who helped me through out my life, because he knew I could be something in his eyes and be the best I could be and he had a plan for me, just the same as he has for you.

Reading: Psalms 139:14 - I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.


Title: Be The Best With God

My bothers and sisters in Christ, God wants us to experience His very best…that’s why He gave His very best…. His son, Jesus Christ that we may always walk in Victory in every area of our lives.

If you desire to become the best in your field, seek out the person that really excels in that field and learn from him or her, eat from his or her table…. sit at their feet! (Humbly speaking!)

If at times your not sure of what your good at or what plans God has in store for you or what talents he want you to use for his glory then seek him and the people he uses in those fields to help you find the path your seeking.

Because If God is showing you a person who really excels in your field of interest, then it’s not for us to be intimidated by this person, but God is showing you this person so that you can draw from them, thus elevating our own performance.

Be it in the area of: 1.Law Enforcement- 2. Medical- 3.City-Parish-or State-or Government- 4.Education, 5. Child-care or Ministry-whether in Music, or as a Minister, Administrator, or Teacher…. seek out the very best in that field and apply yourself to learning to become better in what your heart desires.

Because the companions /or the people that you choose to hang around can be like buttons on an elevator…. they can either take you up or take you down.

And if we choose to surround ourselves with people who are not sowing seeds of life or righteousness in us, or living contrary to the way of the Lord, we will began to lower our standard of excellence. Then we start to Settle for less! This should not be, God made us to be better in what he created us for.

Psalms 100:3 says - Know that the LORD, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

The key to staying on the path of a Godly life and to meet your goals is walking with those who will, Motivate you & be honest with you about yourself. They won’t let you make a fool of yourself!

But they will Challenge you unto righteousness And encourage you to be all that you can be for God, in your skills, talents and in your life.

People who motivate you to take your life, gifts and Christian walk to the next level and then to the next dimension are those who walk in the Divine Wisdom of God.

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