Summary: Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus

Ephesians 4:1-16

D.T. “Unity in the Church will bring people to Jesus”

TITLE: “Be Unified”


Unity – Watching the men get pulled from the Mine last week – Unity of all the 200 people who were there – TOTALLY AMAZING

“United We Stand” – After September 11th.

New England Patriots didn’t announce their star players at the beginning of the Super Bowl – They were unified --- Win as One or Lose as One, They didn’t have a prayer in the world to win that game, but they did, because they were unified.

Discussion: What is Paul really saying in this text? Why is Paul telling them to be united…Tragedy in the church…. were they not being united over something….

Possible Context:

Paul planted the church – cared a lot about them

Corporate Letter – Several Churches, although it was specifically sent to Ephesus.

This is more a reminder that they are called by Christ to be unified –

Paul closes the letter with instruction about the families in chapter 5 & 6

Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus!

The whole purpose of the church is to bring people to a saving relationship with Jesus.

I believe that Paul is telling the church 3 things to unified in. Remember, Paul’s goal is that Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus!

Unity in your Faith (1-10)

Unity in Your Calling (11-13)

Unity in your Walking (14-16)

I. Unity in your faith (1-10)

a. Find worthiness in the calling that you have been given

i. Jesus might send you to the forests in Africa – but probably only if you want to go.

ii. Where he leads he also provides…with support, with encouragement, with hope and with peace -- you are doing his will.

b. Be Completely Humble –

i. “Maybe I’ve been wrong”

ii. Best two words in marriage – “I’m Sorry”

iii. Not just the words but the action to go with it

c. Be Patient

i. Long tempered

ii. “I will give you time”

iii. This is excellent after a time of loss – hurting

1. Story of Matt Dodd’s family – “Could you go visit him?”

d. Bearing with one another in love

i. “I am willing to make things right.”

ii. Hardest to do sometimes because it requires action

iii. Also requires us to confront our failures

e. Paul’s reminder

i. The bond of Peace –

1. One body

2. One Spirit

3. Called to One Hope

4. One Lord

5. One Faith

6. One Baptism

7. One God and Father of all

a. Is over all

b. Through all

c. In all

ii. Story of the binding the yarn together during the Christmas program….and after

f. Be united by Christ given us grace

i. He ascended – came to earth

1. If he went up, he must have come down, FOCUS

II. Unity in your Calling (11-13)

Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus!

a. We aren’t all called to do the same thing!

i. Story of teaching – when you shouldn’t be teaching

1. Some apostles (back then, not now)

2. Some prophets (back then, not now)

3. Some Evangelist

4. Some Pastors (Combo of the 3 is your preacher)

5. Some Teachers

b. God’s reasoning is Three fold

1. To prepare His People for His Work

2. To Bring Honor and Glory to Christ

ii. Gospel of John Why was the man born blind? To bring honor and glory to Christ!

iii. Why do 9 men get stuck in a mine in Penn. 10 miles from the September 11th plane crash? – TO BRING GLORY TO JESUS!

iv. God can ALWAYS take the bad in life and make it good, or the good in life and make it better.

3. To bring people to a knowledge of the fullness of Christ

a. According to Doug Marks – the last level of discipleship – REST!

b. “Attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ”

c. They hadn’t reached this point yet….Chapter 3 his prayer for them – Uses the same words.

III. Unity in your Walking (14-16)

Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus!

a. Results from Unity

i. You will no longer follow wrong teaching!

1. Paul’s day, much like today. à Wrong teaching everywhere. à Bad motives Everywhere

2. “Cults are the unpaid bills of the church”

ii. We will grow up in Christ

1. Speak the truth in Love

a. Ultimately Share Jesus with people around you.

Unity in the church will bring people to Jesus.


Story of Max Lacado “when fishermen don’t fish, they fight”

Being united in the church will not only bring people to Jesus but will allow them and us to grow to maturity.

Being united with the church is important. We should also be united with Christ. If you haven’t been united with Christ, or haven’t been walking with Jesus, come as we sing.

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