Summary: What kind of husband and father do I want my son to be? What characteristics do I want my daughter to look for in a husband?


Fathers day 2006

What kind of men do I want my boys to be?

What kind of husband do I want Micah to pick?

How do I want them to treat their wife and children?

1. To love Jesus Christ with all their being.

2. To read their bible and have a daily quiet time with the Lord.

3. To be passionate about prayer.

4. To be passionate about fulfilling the great commission.

5. I want them to be involved in Church.

6. No matter what they do for a living I want that to be their ministry.

7. I want them to love their wives and children. Sacrifice

8. To show compassion and empathy

9. Let your children see you hug and kiss on your wife. Play around, they need to see that your in love and that you enjoy each other, have fun. Rub feet.

10. To have family devotions. Memorize scripture together.

11. I want them to put their family first. Before friends, and even before extended family.

12. I want them to wash the dishes and do laundry.

13. I want them to be handy.

14. I want them to want to be the best husband and dad.

1 Timothy 3:1-7

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-21 God not only had to chose a mother but also a Father to raise Jesus. This is often overlooked because we focus so much on Mary and not Joseph.

God didn’t just pick Mary out to raise Jesus but He also chose Joseph.

What kind of men do I want my boys to be and what kind of man do I want Micah to marry?

Joseph set an example for his family - going to the Temple; attending the feasts.

(We read about it in LUKE 2:41) He was regular in going to God’s house.

[ILLUSTRATION]: Did you hear about the little boy who was playing on a Sunday morning while his Dad was in a lounge chair reading the paper. And the father said: “Son, get yourself ready for Sunday School”. The little boy asked: “Are you coming with me today Dad?” The man replied: “No, I’m not coming. But I want you to hurry up and get ready”. The little boy then said: “Did you used to go to Sunday School when you were a boy, Dad?” He said: “I most certainly did!” As he walked away the boy mumbled: “Yeah, and I bet it won’t do me any good either!”

Our kids are watching our faithfulness.

FATHERS here this morning, your faith will speak to your children! Raise them in an environment of faith toward God.

[ILLUSTRATION]: I read the story of a farmer who had toiled over a bumper crop of grain - a badly needed crop of grain - a badly needed crop that was going to pay off many creditors and secure the family for another year. But just a few days before it was due to be harvested a freak wind and hail storm ravaged the property, and the harvest was lost. The man stood with his little boy looking over the fields of destroyed grain. The boy expected to hear his father cursing in despair. But instead his Dad began to softly sing: “Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee.” Years later that boy, grown into manhood, said: “That was the greatest sermon I ever heard!” His father had shown him FAITH where the rubber meets the road!

In a word or just a sentence describe something that you are thankful for that your father taught you?

Here are some things fathers are called to be:

Provider-1 Timothy 5:8

Protector-Duet.6:8 Noah protected his family because he took his spiritual

responsibilities seriously.

Trainer-Genesis 6:4-9; 18:19; 1 Chron 28:9-10 Lasting results can occur.

Disciplinarian-Proverbs 19:18

Encourager-1 Thes 2:11-12

Leader-Proverbs 20:7; Joshua 24:14-15

So what kind of father are you going to choose to be today.

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