Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Our call to help one another through temptations

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens

Meridian Church of God Seventh Day

February 10th, 2001


Good morning…

Victory Over Temptation pages 237-239

I want to talk to you today about the types of bonds that are spoken of in that reading.

When faced by trouble, hardship, temptation, these bonds are what can make the difference between making it or not.


It is important to understand, when facing turmoil, when facing hardship, when facing sin or temptations in your life that if you are a Christian, and part of the body of Christ, you have places to go. Today, I want to focus on dealing with sin and temptation.

There are two places that you need to turn in difficult circumstances, especially when facing sin or temptation.

1. God, in prayer 1 Cor. 10:13

2. The church, to your brothers and sisters in Christ

I firmly believe the church has some primary responsibilities

You see, we are called to live a Christian life

Galatians 5:24-25

Be a Christian, act like it

Galatians 5:26

Our interaction with one another

We are talking about sin and temptations, church responsibility, do you think this something we are comfortable with now. Are you comfortable going to your brothers and sisters in the church, and saying I have this problem, help me?

Most, are not. Why not, though?

2 primary reasons:

1. Our self

a. Pride (dad)

b. Deceived (secrecy)

2. Our brothers and sisters in Christ

First reason is something we need to overcome, the Bible warns against it, its affects can be deadly, not just physically, but spiritually for sure.

Second reason is the reason we are going to address here, and it is what Paul addressed next in his letter.

Galatians 6:1-2

What is Paul saying here? We should bear one another’s burdens, if someone is struggling with a sin, we should help to restore him.

Does not say: judge/convict

But, that is often times what happens, someone slips, and they are outcast for it, they are judged and convicted. For the record, restore is not old English for reject, or burn at the stake. The Greek word “katartizo” means to mend, or to make whole.

And, just in case anyone reading this is now playing around with the wording of this verse, and saying “...well, my translation says ‘trespass,’ which is not as bad as sin...I mean, trespass happens sort of by accident...I mean... its a lot easier to forgive a brother if he trips and falls into sin, than if he yells “GERONIMO!” and jumps in with both feet and a smile...right?”

No, it is talking about sin here. The Greek word “paraptomah” translated as “fault” in the KJV, can mean an error, but includes intentional transgression, or sin.

And why shouldn’t it, we are all sinners, right? How many of you have not sinned in the last week. We are all under attack by the devil. He is a sneaky and sly opponent. All of us are susceptible to temptation, whatever it may be.

Attitude of how to restore the sinner (where Paul spends these vss.)

But before we ask how, we might ask why. Vs. 2

In understanding why, we get are first lesson in “how”

What does he mean there? Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Does that mean, we go into it with the attitude:

“I am better than you”

“I can not believe you”

We need to do it in love “as Jesus loved us, so we ought to love one another”

When Peter denied Jesus, what did Jesus do?

Did he condone the sin? No

Did he judge him and cast him out, saying ‘I told you so?’ No


So do we, how?

Vs. 1 hits three things

1. Those who are spiritual (we’ll take this to mean spiritually mature)

2. Do it in the spirit of meekness, or gentleness (hate the sin, but love the sinner)

3. Consider thyself, in case you are tempted as well


Take this two ways, both applicable

1. Examine yourself, and see if you should be the one to restore the ind. Just because you are spiritually mature does not necessarily mean you should do it (alcoholic)

2. Watch your own pride. Don’t think you can not get caught up in that sin

Leadership Journal “unless you are godlier than David, stronger than Sampson, and wiser than Solomon”

If you become overconfident, self righteous, prideful, you are not going to help the individual, and you are going to set yourself up.

Paul wanted to drill this in so much, that he spent the next vss. 3-5

Who is he talking to here? The spiritual person

Examine 3-5

“I did better than Joe”


Brethren, we are instructed to bear one another’s burdens, to restore the brother who has been caught up in sin, and to do it in a loving, gentle, humble way.

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