Summary: Every Christian should understand the importance of being beaten to bear light in the is world because of the following truths outlined in Exodus 25:31

In this portion of scripture, the candlestick can be compared to a Christian. The candlestick was made with a purpose and that was to bear light. We learn from the text that the candlestick started out as something valuable, gold. It was not bearing light as gold but the gold was used as it was in its original condition and beaten and hammered into the shape and form of a candlestick. Then was it able to bear or carry light. When Jesus saved are souls and wrote our names down in the Lamb’s Book of Life, I became treasured and valuable in God’s eyes and in God’s sight. But in order fo rgod to bring me to the point where this gold was giving God glory, he had to beat the gold into the candlestick it needed to be. I was beaten to bear light. Let’s observe the following truths together.


1) The Body of the Candlestick (of pure gold)

a) The Gold was Priceless

b) The Gold was Pure

c) The Gold was Precious

ILLUSTRATION: Our lives that were purchased on Calvary our priceless because of what Jesus di for us. The Christian (BODY/GOLD) is gold in God’s eyes and the Christian is desired to be used by God. An illustration that I am reminded of is where a boy had lost his toy boat on the pond and couldn’t find it again. He walked into a toy store and saw it for sale on one of the shelves. He told the manager that it was his boat that he lost and was willing to pay back whatever it cost to have it back again. Our lives, the Christian (the body of the candlestick) is gold to God.

APPLICATION: Do you sometimes feel as though you don’t have what it takes to be used by God. "a candlestick of PURE GOLD"

2) The Beating of the Candlestick (of beaten work)

a) It was Beaten for the Design

b) It was Beaten for the Demand

c) It was Beaten for the Darkness

ILLUSTRATION: People go through the roughest times and sometimes the lowest valleys when they want to be used of God. The circumstances and always mounting with an excess of pressure and life continues to beat our spirit and heart to the absolute limits. Our discouragement and dissappointment will one day bring development. A large stack of bills we can’t pay, a wayward child, a difficult job or family problem. Trials and tribulations...Beaten,beaten, beaten...God is trying to beat you into the candlestick that you need to be to do what the candlestick was created to do...Beaten to Bear Light!

APPLICATION: Are you being beaten today?

3) The Bearing of the Candlestick (light shine continually)

a) Bears Light in Its Place

b) Bears Light in Its Power

c) Bears Light in Its Purpose

ILLUSTRATION: All the ships at sea need a lighthouse to find their way to shore. Through your hard times and difficulties, God has molded and shaped you like the candlestick and you have become a tool for God to use to bear light(your testimony, Jesus Christ and the grace of God) in this dark and sinful world.

APPLICATION: Are you letting your lessons from the storms become light to shine? What kind of light or testimony are you letting the world see?

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