Summary: Are you willing to be the beautiful feet for a person who needs Jesus?


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• This week finishes our Life Group series. We have examined three of the four ways we seek to help connect people with Christ through our Life Group Ministries at FCC.

• Today We will conclude with one of the most difficult, yet maybe the most rewarding and one of the most important aspects of what we can help you accomplish through growth in our Life Groups.


• One of the more difficult challenges that Christians face is trying to share our faith with others. I would venture to say that if we were to take a poll concerning the most fearful thing Jesus has called us to do; it would be sharing the gospel with others.

• Even though this call is something that we fear for many reasons, we MUST learn to overcome that fear because a dying world is counting on us to bring the Good News about Jesus to them.

• In Romans chapters 9-10, Paul shares the passion he has to see his Jewish brothers come to Jesus.

• He speaks of the fact that even though the Jewish people were God’s chosen people, he lamented the fact that now they are lost without belief and obedience to Jesus.

• This subject was near and dear to Paul. He wanted to see his fellow countrymen experience the grace and salvation found in Jesus.

• Do you have a PASSION to see people you know and love come to Jesus? Passion is a good thing but passion alone will not bring people to Jesus, our passion must lead to action.

• I know from experience that people are afraid to share their because of fear of rejection coupled with the fear of being asked questions one does not have the answers for.

• Life Groups can help you to learn the answers to the questions that we fear. Also Life Groups help you to get comfortable talking with others about faith issues.

• As you learn to interact with others in a safe environment you will develop skills that will help you to have the confidence to share your faith with others.

• Let’s turn to Romans 10:14-17 together. In our passage we will see some links in a chain that need to exist so that others can experience the salvation that you enjoy.

• Let’s begin by looking at verse 14 so we can examine the first three links in the chain.

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Romans 10:14 (ESV) How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

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I. People need to believe in Jesus for salvation.

• Listed in verses 14-15, in a kind of reverse order, are a chain of effects and causes.

• If any one of the links in the chain is missing, then it would be impossible for one to call on the Lord’s name and be saved.

• As we start to look at the train of thought that went into this passage we should take note that Paul starts with the conclusion or with the final link in the chain.

• Paul is trying to reconcile God’s faithfulness with Jews of the time being lost. Some of those questions were answered in chapter 9and part of 10. In the first 29 verses of chapter 9 we are reminded that God did not guarantee that every Jew would be saved but only that the nation would serve in God’s plan of redemption.

• In the last few verses of chapter 9 and throughout chapter 10 we see that those Jews who were lost were in that state by their decision to cling to the Law instead of accepting God’s grace through Jesus.

• Ultimately we want people to believe in Jesus and to be obedient to Him. The first part of verse 14 asks the first of four pointed questions.

• How will one call on Him in whom they have not believed?

• In the context of the chapter, Paul is acknowledging that Israel had yet to obey the gospel so they had not received the salvation Paul so passionately wanted them to possess.

• Paul tells us that if a person does not have faith in God or His love, then they will not look to Him for eternal life.

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Acts 4:12 (ESV) And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

• Do you want to see your loved ones and friends saved? Do you want to see them enjoy eternal life with Jesus?

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