Summary: We use the story of Esther to show how God has placed potential in all of us from the inside out.

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Beauty Queen

Text: Esther 1 - 9

“Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone. Beauty fades, but ugly holds it’s own.” (L. D. Streiker, An Encyclopedia of Humor, Hendrickson Publishers, @1998)

ASK: Who are some women that you would say are beautiful?

- Esther 2:15 says “. . . she was admired by everyone who saw her.”

1. Esther’s Beauty (chapter 2)

A. Outer Beauty - She was a contestant in the first beauty pageant!

B. Inner Beauty - It takes more than good looks to find favor in the eyes of people - especially leaders.

- You may be able to get a second glance from the opposite sex, but will they give you a second minute when they discover your character?

Personal Project:

Write down 5 positive qualities about your appearance. Now write down 5 positive qualities about your character. Which is more valuable to you? Which is more valuable to others?

- Esther was a hero! Her people were in need, about to be killed, and she didn’t sneak out the back door.

2. Esther’s Boldness (chapter 3 - 5)

A. She responded to counsel (3:10-16)

- What do you do when a tough decision comes your way? Do you seek out counsel from your parents or other spiritual leaders?

B. Esther realized her potential.

- Potential is achieving that which God has designed and equipped you to fulfill. Anything less is cowardly.

- God uses our present situations to bring about his glory in our lives and to help us to meet or full potential in Him.

Personal Project: What positions do you hold? Write down the different positions you hold and replace “royal position” with your position.

C. She took a stand (5:1; 7:3-9)

- Her position as queen was on the line!

- Her life was on the line! (4:11)

3. Esther’s Bliss

Bliss = gladness, cause of delight or happiness

A. Her enemies were destroyed! (7:9-10; 9:1-19)

- When we do things right, like Esther did, God will fight our battles for us and our enemies will be destroyed.

B. She was rewarded! (8:1)

- God will always reward those who take a stand and do what’s right! Look at the beatitudes in Matthew 5.

NOTE: Mordecai was also rewarded. God rewards those who work behind the scenes just as much as those in the lime light.

C. Her people were honored and blessed (8:16-17)

- God will honor those who honor Him and He will add to our numbers.

NOTE: Your Character will be a testimony to those who don’t know Jesus.

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