6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: To let people know what a vauable price God paid for our sins, and that we should be thankful that Jesus still lives.



1.) Many of us people or young people have forgotten just how much of a price God has paid in order for us to have life and have it more abundantly. We are not fully aware of just what a valuable price the Lord paid for us to be set free. I found that some of us know and just don’t care. Some of us act like he’s still lying in the tomb, but I stopped by to tell you that he got up, and because he lives I’m able to claim the victory. Because let me tell you the battle has already been won the victory is ours we just need to wake up and receive it. Well preacher how are we supposed to wake up and receive what God has for us.

2.) First of all in our text it says that when they went to the tomb, they found the stone rolled away, from the tomb. So my first point is in order to receive the blessings and walk in the victory we must roll some stones away.

3.) Roll some stones away!

You see the stones are those things that keep us from getting to God. In the Bible had God not moved the stone away it would have blocked the miracle from getting out. Just like us this morning. There are some great futures in this room, but you will never truly be able to reach your full potential, until you roll some stones away. Somebody going through in your relationship and you can’t find out why, you need move some stones away. Stuck in the same old mold, move some stones away. Want the Holy Spirit to work, move some stones away.

4.) You need to be crucified die, and be buried.

I don’t mean suffer a physical crucifixion, but I mean you need some things to go against you. Because I guarantee that when people talk about you, and they drag your name through the mud, then you will call on Jesus and when he changes your life, you going to let that old man in you die and be buried to make room for that new man in Christ. Sometimes in order to walk in the victory, you have to bury all those dead spirits and walk in he joy of the victor, and because he lives were able to do that.

5.) You must be resurrected!

After people buried you in the ground of hatred, and have pronounced you dead, you have to be resurrected. You have to take all your burdens to God, and let God create in you a clean heart, and a right spirit. That’s how you get resurrected. When people talk about you and laugh at you, you just smile and say thank you, that’s resurrected. When people do you wrong and mess ever you any kind of way, still pray for them, your resurrected.

I would ask the Holy Spirit to come in and help me to close out this message. If you never hear a word from God again, and I want you to remember that Jesus lives, and because he lives, I’ve got the victory. Because he lives I have been set free. I got headache and heartaches but because he lives I’m able to love my enemy. Because he lives I got joy, because he lives I got peace, because he lives I got praise in my heart, because he lives I’m able to sing this joy that I have the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.

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