Summary: Through the power of the resurrection, Jesus Christ has made available and afforded power: a power that overcomes us in death and a power that overwhelms us in life. There are some people that are living to die and others dying to live, the key lies in n

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John 14:19


“I daresay there is not a Southern Gospel Music fan on the face of the earth who has not heard at least one song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. Millions of Americans and people of other countries are coming to love Southern Gospel, and most of them can name more than one Gaither song.

Bill and Gloria wrote their first song together some forty years ago. Their songs, almost without exception, started with an idea. Usually, Bill would write a musical piece with an idea in mind, and then Gloria, using the same idea, would write the words. On some occasions, Gloria revealed in her book Fully Alive the whole lyric would come to her, and then Bill would write the music, either alone or with a cowriter. They have now written some six hundred songs and produced sixty recordings and several musicals. And both have authored or coauthored several books.

The Gaithers’ lives have not always been smooth sailing, however. During the late 1960s, while expecting their third child, they went through a rather traumatic time. While Bill was recovering from a bout with mononucleosis, he and Gloria and other members in their church family were the objects of false accusations and belittlement. It was a special time of fear and torment for Gloria. With all the craziness surrounding her family, the thought of bringing another child into the world was taking its toll on her.

She remembers sitting in their living room in agony and fear on New Year’s Eve. Across the nation, the educational system was being infiltrated with the “God is dead” idea, while drug abuse and racial tension were increasing. Then, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, she was filled with a sweet, calming peace. Like an attentive mother bending over her baby, it was as if her heavenly Father saw His Gloria and came to her rescue. Her panic gave way to calmness and an assurance that only the Lord can give. She was assured that the future would be just fine, left in God’s hands.

Both Bill and Gloria remembered that the power of the blessed Holy Spirit seemed to come to their aid. The power of Christ’s resurrection was reaffirmed in their lives and in their thoughts. To Gloria, it was “life conquering death” as joy once again permeated the fearful circumstances of their lives.

All of this gave rise to one of the most famous Southern Gospel songs of our time, “Because He Lives.” The first verse is a presentation of the gospel of Christ, reminding us of His death, burial, and resurrection. In the second verse we see the life of a new baby and sense the assurance that Christ alone can give. The little one can have a victorious life because Christ lives.

As we realize that God holds the future and makes life worth living for all who trust in Him, we can face tomorrow with all the uncertainty it brings.” –Lindsey Terry

Christianity is the only religion that is founded by a leader that has overcome death. And, because He lives:

1. I Can Flee from Temptation:

Ron Dentinger once said in his older age “Lately it seems like I don’t have to worry about avoiding temptation. At my age temptation is avoiding me.” While that is funny and it is true that temptations can change with age, it is not true that temptations go away when the grey hair comes.

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