Summary: Examining the change that the believer has received because of Christ's work at Calvary.

Because Of Calvary

I Peter 4:1-6

The name Norma McCorvey may not mean much to you, but most of you have heard the name "Jane Roe" Yes, the same Roe from the "Roe V. Wade" court case that brought about the legalization of abortion in 1973. Roe was the name used by McCorvey during that case. She was an outspoken lesbian who was pro choice and fought for the legalization of abortion. Several years ago she was working in an abortion clinic in Dallas Texas. The national headquarters for Operation Rescue (one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations) moved right next door to this clinic. Phillip Benham, the leader of this organization simply began talking to McCorvey. In spite of their differences he took an interest in her. He listened to her. He showed her love and compassion. As a result the two became unlikely friends. After some time, Norma McCorvey began visiting the offices of Operation Rescue, even volunteering to do a few odd jobs. The people at Operation Rescue showed her courtesy, warmth, and friendship. Then seven-year-old Emily, daughter of the office manager, invited McCorvey to church. McCorvey accepted the invitation and that very night she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. McCorvey was delivered from homosexuality and she began to volunteer regularly at Operation Rescue. She also became pro-life and is now an outspoken opponent of abortion .

What can cause such a drastic turnaround and difference in someone like Norma McCorvey? Only the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ can do something so powerful. I recently read an article on the internet that asked the question “Has your life changed since you met Jesus?” Listen to one man's response: He says - “My life has changed in many ways since Jesus saved me, including breaking a 30-year drug habit overnight. The habit ended after, not before salvation. The filth that filled my head and spilled out of my mouth via speech no longer exists either. I was prideful, angry and arrogant, and would lose my temper over anything. That also has turned 180 degrees”

As I read each of the responses, not one person said “No, my life has not changed since I met Jesus”. But there was story after story of individuals who had accepted Christ and experienced a major difference in their life. Each person that is here today who has met Jesus will tell you that things are different with the Savior.

Years ago the Cathedrals had a song that told the story of a man who met Jesus and everything changed for him.

Thanks to Calvary, I am not the man that I used to be!

Thanks to Calvary, things are different than before.

While the tears ran down my face, I tried to tell them

Thanks To Calvary, I Don't Come here Anymore

On December 7th 1997 everything changed for me! That was the day that I met Jesus. I am far from perfect, you have been around me long enough to notice that. But as Rufus McDaniel said "a wonderful change in my life has been wrought since Jesus came into my heart." The Apostle Paul put it this way in - 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

If you have been saved you are a new person. You were lost and now you are found... You have gone from death unto life... You were a saint now you are a sinner... You were condemned now you have been set free. And this is possible because of the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. I would like to walk through these verses and consider the thought "Thanks To Calvary Things Are Different" . The first thing I would like to examine is:

I. Because Of Calvary We Have A Different Calling - The Christian life begins with a calling. The Holy Spirit calls us unto repentance. Jesus gives us an invitation to salvation! This calling does not end with our conversion. It is not enough to trust Jesus as Savior we must make Him Lord of our lives. Notice:

A. As Christians We Are Called To Follow The Savior - v1 Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin;

Peter says that we should "arm ourselves with the mind of Christ" . We are to continually focus on Him. And we are to follow Him each and every day of our lives. Even if this means that we will face suffering. Christ suffered the cruelty of the cross of Calvary for us. We should be willing to suffer for Him if that is God's will. The Christian life is a constant battle. Here Peter uses terminology that Peter that refers to that battle - "Arm yourself". Before we will reach a place of willingness to suffer for Christ. We must put Him in His proper our number 1 priority.

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