Rom 12:1-2

Gen 4:1-12


A tragic event that occurred in the spring of 1931 when nine young black men were pulled off an Alabama freight train and accused of raping two young white women.

A fight had broken out between blacks and whites in which, the whites were thrown off the train; the surprise was that two southern women Victoria Price and Ruby Bates were also on the train, they had also been down to Chattanooga to look for work.

Rather than be arrested and put in jail they cried rape.

The nine young men called “the Scottsboro boys”, were quickly tried and sentenced to the electric chair.

News of their convictions spread, forcing an appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

New York attorney Sam Leibowitz traveled to Alabama in 1933 during segregation to defend the nine black men—setting in motion a legal battle that ultimately changed the lives of everyone involved.

When Sam Leibowitz lost his case Judge James Edwin Horton overturned the decision of the jury which resulted in the ruination of his career; he was never elected to the bench again-ever.

He never regretted his decision.

>>> I stand to tell you right now, that everything that has ever been done concerning the kingdom of God was because of sacrifice.

Heb 11:37-39

Heb 12:1-2

>>> God had respect unto Abel’s sacrifice-

>>> Instead of Cain rectifying his mistake he kills his brother.

*** You know the hardest thing in the world to accept? When you are offering a sacrifice and God says, “Not good enough!”

*** But what was Abel doing in the field? Abel is a tender of sheep.

*** Abel being killed in the field is a picture of Christ being killed in the earth.

>>> I have heard thy bro’s blood crying out to me out of the ground.

>>> So if you already heard the blood of Abel crying out of the ground. Why would you ask me where is thy bro.?

>>> God already knows your wrong, he just gives you space to repent.

*** Can you hear blood? No. But if I had a stethoscope I could hear it moving.

>>> It is not that it’s not making a sound. It’s that I can’t hear it.

>>> If with my natural ear I can’t hear it moving, but with a stethoscope I can, with the ear of God I can hear it speaking!

>>> The blood speaks! I heard the blood of thy bro. crying to me from the ground.

*** The innocent blood of Abel, who is giving us a picture of Jesus, that 2nd son, Cain—Abel; Adam—Jesus, the 2nd man Adam.

Rom 5:14-17

1 Cor 15:21-22

1 Cor 15:45-48


*** Jesus who was slain by His human bro’s slain for our sin, and the enemy thought that if he killed Jesus he would shut down the gospel but…

1 Cor 2:8

*** Because as long as the blood is in we can’t hear it speak, but when they pierced Him in his side, and the blood came streaming down, God said, ‘That’s the sound I’ve been waiting to hear…”

>>> Look at Abel the man, he dies and his blood becomes his attorney. His blood pleads the case, presents the documents and says there’s been injustice.

>>> And God said I heard the blood, and I declare I will get justice.

Heb 11:4

>>> The blood still speaks!

Eph 2:13

Col 1:20

Heb 9:12

Heb 9:14

Heb 10:4-23

Heb 13:20

I Jn 1:7

>>> We should have been destroyed, the blood pled your case and offered grace on your behalf, when your enemy seeks to destroy you it’s the blood that speaks for you, justice said you should have died a long time ago but, the blood got in between you and it!

>>> The blood got in between you and the car wreck, the disease, the jail sentence…

>>> Cain is a tiller of the ground, planting his seeds, reaping a harvest, working the ground.

>>> It means he spends his life working in the dirt, the stuff you are made of, your flesh is made of.

*** But when he kills his bro. God says “no more” shall the ground yield unto you it’s strength. You’ll never be able to work this ground like you used to.

*** But because the ground has received the blood, when you try it again it’s not going to work because the blood is against you!!

*** Satan plants some things in your flesh, ant it used to be that whatever he planted in your flesh manifested in your life and you were helpless to stop it, but if you are blood washed that means that the stuff that used to grow in you can’t grow anymore.

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