Summary: Encouraging Sermon

Because of the Storm

Matthew 8:23-27

1. The Situation The Were In

A. They were following Jesus.

B. They were in a boat. (A tight place with nowhere to run)

2. The Storm That Came While They Were Following Jesus

A. It was a sudden storm. (No warning)

B. It was a dangerous storm

C. It was an overwhelming storm. (At least in their minds)

***NOTE*** Jesus was sleeping during the storm.

3. The Security They Had When They Were In The Storm

A. They knew to go to Jesus.

B. They were mistaken about their future.

4. The Scolding Given By Christ

A. The disciples were scolded for their lack of faith.

B. The storm was scolded and calm was brought.

5. The Shock That The Apostles Have Concerning Jesus.

A. Who is this man?


In Order To Overcome Life’s Storms We Must Have Trust

1. Trust His presence.

2. Trust His power.

3. Trust His person.

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